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For a printed owner’s manual, click on authorized manuals or go to . Your selection of a Honda Insight was a wise investment. Honda will repair or. Afterwards, keep this owner’s manual in your vehicle so you can refer to Your selection of a Honda Insight was a wise investment. hazards associated with operating or maintaining the engine speed to 2, rpm, and hold it there. Workshop Manual. Honda Insight Workshop Manual L Hybrid; (14, Pages). (Free). Honda Insight Workshop Manual L3 L; (14, Pages).

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Insight owners who are ” hypermilers ” compete to achieve maximum travel distance with each refueling.

The battery is recharged automatically by scavenging engine power, when needed, and by regenerative braking ownfrs the car is decelerating. Archived from the original on September 14, Overall, Car and Driver selected the Insight as their preferred insighht due to its “fun-to-drive” qualities including superior handling, steering, braking, and paddle-shifted transmission. When the ignition switch is turned off, a summary screen displays a scoring function that encourages drivers to take an interest in developing fuel-efficient driving habits over the long term.

On the manual transmission up and down arrows suggest when to shift gears. The fully digital LCD instrument cluster was taken from the larger Honda Accordand many interior styling features were taken from the tenth-generation Honda Civic Sedan, which is assembled at the same Greensburg, Indiana plant as the all-new Insight. The CVT’s variable gear ratios allow for both quick, initial acceleration and efficient, low-rpm cruising. Enter text from picture: On the Insight, the knuckle and lower control arm are aluminum forgings, providing maximum strength msnual minimizing unsprung weight.

The Insight was facelifted in in the United Kingdom and in for the model year in the United States, with updates to the suspension, styling and interior.

The mixture can be as lean as The reason we chose a five-door hatchback was that we wanted the car to be popular in Europe. The electromagnets are located around the perimeter of the stator.

On the Insight, each frame member’s size and strength is optimized so that the frame is strong where it needs to be, and lighter in less critical areas. The only major change during its life span was the introduction of a trunk-mounted, front-controlled, multiple-disc CD changer.


In OctoberConsumer Reports named the Honda Insight the most reliable vehicle as it scored the highest of any vehicles in predicted reliability, according to its annual vehicles reliability survey. Don’t have an account? Honda facelifted the Insight for model year.

Honda Insight

A unique, spiral groove along the outside of the inner pipe increases the surface area and therefore the efficiency of the heat transfer between the outer and inner tubes. The VTEC rocker arms are a new, compact, low-friction design, adapted from the S roadster, with the VTEC switching mechanism pistons located insighy with the roller elements.

The system will automatically switch to a back-up, conventional volt starter to start the engine if the IMA system is disabled or if the car is started at extreme cold temperatures. Towing Information To accommodate flat-bed towing equipment, the Insight is provided with a front inwight hook, and front and rear tie down hook holes.

The pinion shaft engages the pinion gear via a torsion bar, which twists slightly when there is a high amount of steering resistance. Kwners organic gases hydrocarbons Non-methane organic gases hydrocarbons Carbon monoxide Nitrogen oxides Particulate matter, 2.

There are revisions to the recoil rate of the springs, change of the rear camber angles and alterations to the rear suspension brace and adjusting mounts. The amount that the IMA Motor slows the honca is in proportion to the amount of regeneration being done. At the lower end, the strut mounts solidly to the steering knuckle, locating it vertically. Abin Nterior Outward visibility, sightlines and control placement are designed to enhance driver concentration and ease of movement.

Retrieved 24 July In the following month, DecemberInsight became the first hybrid available in North America, followed seven months later by the Toyota Prius. Cars registered in the UK after qualified for free road tax because of their ownfrs CO 2 emissions registered cars would be taxed on the lower rate of the old system based on engine size. As coolant passes through the jacket, its temperature is increased by the exhaust heat.

The wedge-shaped body assists aerodynamics and reduces drag for improved gonda economy. As of Januarythe Honda Insight is exempt mwnual road tax. During heavy acceleration, the NiMH batteries drive the electric motor, providing additional power; during deceleration, the motor acts as a generator and recharges the batteries using a process called regenerative braking.



Consequently, all iron, magnetic and electronic materials must be kept away from the rotor if it is to be replaced. This power has to be reduced to 12V to charge the Insight’s 12V battery and to support the conventional 12V electrical system.

Power is carried between the components in the “IPU” compartment behind the seats and the IMA electric motor under the hood by three orange cables than run below the floor, under the left seat.

The exhaust ports manuual located inside the cylinder head and are surrounded by a water jacket. The Insight is no longer exempted from the London congestion charge.

Honda Insight Workshop & Owners Manual | Free Download

By observing the color shift of the speedometer background, the driver receives assistance in developing driving habits that typically enhance fuel economy. As a result, Honda promised better ride, handling and stability. The Insight’s IMA includes a high-efficiency, lightweight, low-friction 1.

Vibration Control System Unsight results are a much more consistent crankshaft rotational velocity and smoother idle quality. These files contain detailed information about your vehicle, and can be downloaded, searched, and printed.

Since the CVT’s gear ratios are continuously variable the system electronically directs the transmission to up- or downshift into pre-determined ratios when the driver taps the shift paddles. It must also recharge the Battery Module by using power generated by the motor.

In NovemberHonda informed dealers in Japan that Insight production would hobda. The seat belt insighh system also provides a load limiting function, where the seatbelts are released slightly when needed to limit the amount of force exerted on a passengers by the seatbelts during a collision.

The Car and Driver.