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Hacker exam may be taken on the last day of the training (optional). Students need to pass the online exam to receive CEH certification. Certification. Number of Questions: ; Test Duration: 4 Hours; Test Format: Multiple Choice; Test Delivery: ECC EXAM, VUE; Exam Prefix: (ECC EXAM), ECCouncil TestKing’s Certified Ethical Hacker () PassGuide 50_,Q&A ECCouncil Ethical Hacking and Countermeasures.

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Human-based social engineering uses nontechnical methods to initiate an attack whereas computer-based social engineering employs a computer. Calling a help desk and convincing them to reset a password for a user account C. Which of the following statements best describes a white-hat hacker?

Foletype addresses are then added to a database and may be used later to send unsolicited e-mails. Server, client, and network 6. Only the most important details as related specifically to information gathering are covered in this book.

If this document falls into the wrong hands, the results could be disastrous for the organization. A null session occurs when you log in to a system with no username or password. Using the new bug in the Windows, these viruses infect the computer unnoticeably.

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If the hacker is successful, they can decrypt the passwords stored on the server. Password Change Interval Passwords should expire after a certain amount of time so that users are forced to change their passwords. These responses help a hacker iden- tify what type of system is responding.

Misconfigurations Systems can also be misconfigured or left at the lowest common security settings to increase ease of use for the user, which may result in vulnerability and an attack.

Although the CEH exam is international in scope, make sure you famil- iarize yourself with these two U. Active reconnaissance can give a hacker an indication of security measures in place is the front door locked?


This can be effective when the hacker is in close proximity to the user and the system. Exam Essentials Understand how to enumerate user accounts. A proxy server is a computer that acts as an intermediary between the hacker and the target computer. She 31-50 served various edu- cational institutions in Washington, D. Another countermeasure is to use the MD5 checksum utility.

Enumeration is the process of ifletype usernames, machine names, network shares, and services on the network. The URL of the site must be supplied after the colon. Check the file size again it should be the same as in step 3. Which of the following is a type of social engineering? This allows the existing users and groups in the database to be enumerated with a simple LDAP query.

Windows scan This type of scan is similar to the ACK scan and can also filetypd open ports.

TestKings 312-50

Extract usernames using enumeration. Generally, Administrator accounts have more stringent password requirements, and their passwords are more closely guarded. Passwords may be cracked manually or with automated tools such as a dictionary or brute-force method, each of which are covered later in this chapter.

Rachel Meyers Copy Editor: Hacking Tools SocksChain is a tool that gives a hacker the ability to attack through a chain of proxy servers. Pop-up windows are a method of getting information from a user utilizing a computer. NY Tech Postal Code: Open means some kind of service is listening at the port. As you finish each chapter, answer the review questions and then check your answers—the correct answers appear on the page following the last review question.

Knowledge of the ARIN database is also necessary for the exam. This tool queries DNS servers for record information. Ethical hackers are secu- rity professionals who act defensively.


Hardware keyloggers are small hardware devices that connect the keyboard to the PC and save every keystroke into a file or in the memory of the hardware device. Skip to main content. Application-level rootkits Application-level rootkits may replace regular application binaries with Trojanized fakes, or they may modify the behavior of existing applications using hooks, patches, injected code, or other means.

Unfiltered mean the port is determined to be closed, and no firewall or filter is inter- fering with the Nmap requests.

All systems that respond with a ping reply are considered filettpe on the network. Which are the four regional Internet registries? Pipe this file using the FOR command: Know how to determine which systems are alive on the network.

Don’t include a period before the file extension. Software keyloggers can be deployed on a system by Trojans or viruses.

This hidden share is accessible using the net use 312-500. Then, when an action is performed on the e-mail, this graphic file connects back to the server and notifies the sender of the action.

It connects to the target system as a null user with the net use command.

Computer-Based Social Engineering Computer-based social engineering attacks can include the following: Know how to identify vulnerable accounts. Understand How E-Mail Tracking Works E-mail—tracking programs allow the sender of ffiletype e-mail to know whether the recipient reads, forwards, modifies, or deletes an e-mail. War dialing is the process of repet- itive dialing to find an open system and is an example of such an attack.