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by Luang Por Munindo. Learning From Everything. 45 minutes, by Luang Por Munindo on December 02, The Swamp Monster, Fear. 40 minutes, by Luang. Aruna Ratanagiri Buddhist Monastery (Harnham Buddhist Monastery) is a Theravada Buddhist Aruna Ratanagiri Buddhist Monastery · Books by Ajahn Munindo (PDF, HTML) · Talks by Ajahn Munindo (MP3) · Portal page for the branch. Ajahn Munindo. English. Alert to the Needs of the Journey. Ajahn Munindo. Spanish. Un Dhammapada para la Contemplacion. Ajahn Munindo. Spanish.

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We merely swap one form of false security for another, and this will certainly lead to eventual disillusionment. He was expressing their gratitude for being able to regularly download Dhamma talks from the website.

So we can use a little help. Individuals will decide for themselves which way works best for them. Is computer use antithetical to Buddhist monastic life?

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Meditation Instruction by Ajahn Munindo

Later I was re-ordained by Ajahn Chah. The values of the casual culture in which we live condition expectations that do not accord with Dhamma. So receiving an explanation of why the monastery routine is structured the way it is can help.

The Buddha said that that which accords with contentment and modesty is Dhamma and that which does not is not Dhamma. Not that I see myself as a teacher trying to trick people, but I do see how our clever minds will shamelessly employ any means to avoid letting go.

Rather than merely follow its conditioned trajectory, we can train to embrace that energy, turn it around and employ it in the transformation of the utterly unreasonable passions of lust and resentment. Attempting to transform our suffering without access to a lot of well-being is doomed to failure. So one benefit of going forth is what it stops you doing. In our daily life we can usefully set time aside, perhaps thirty minutes each day, to sit in formal meditation, and this agility will grow.

File:Ordination by Ajahn – Wikipedia

And having seen them, little by little, we are less caught up in them. Those who are sjahn eight vassas set their own standards of use.


Are there reasons for this that relate to training? Asking the kind of questions that return us to our underlying sense of trust in Dhamma does help. If the right kind of reflection comes at the right time then we see something new and meaningful about ourselves. Somebody recently wrote to me saying he was a member of a meditation group in a town a few hundred miles south of Darwin in Northern Australia.

How it feels is as important, if not more so. Without modern technology I could well have died during childbirth along with my mother. Having said all that, a creative engagement with ritual practices can help support faith too.

Even in a country like Great Britain that is not predominantly Buddhist, most people recognize a monk when they see one and expect us to be kind, patient, considerate, friendly, wise. Even ten minutes of well-spent sitting, being still and going back to the basic feeling of a total non-judgemental relationship with life, to perfect receptivity to the moment, can be of great benefit.

When I joined that community I heard he said he wanted the new Buddha image in the temple that was being constructed to be in the standing ajahm because his monks practised not just while sitting, but while working too. This page was last edited on 5 Februaryat The problem is that its influence has become disproportionately large in ajahj day-today living, and it never wants to be quiet! So although I was making a lot of effort, ostensibly to realize mynindo peace, I was at the same time generating the causes for lack of peace.

But few of us start out that mature. It makes it a lot easier to live simply, harmoniously and ajwhn. When, muninvoa group of local yoga students tried to find a suitable cottage which they could offer as a retreat facility to the Sanghafarmer John Wake of Harnham Hall, Harnham, near Belsay responded, and they agreed to rent one of his farm cottages.

The primary focus for Aruna Ratanagiri monastery is to provide and maintain a sanctuary suitable for the training and ongoing practice of Theravada bhikkhus, in keeping with the Pali vinaya and forest tradition of Northeast Thailand. Today, through freely distributed books and Dhamma talksregular discussion groups and Sunday evening talks, and also in the context of more than five times yearly muninro retreatsHarnham offers spiritual munindoo for practitioners far and wide.


That tricky inner character comes on as if he or she will be truly satisfied if only they get their own way. Of course, considerable skill is required in translating the conventions, but I believe that will more or less look after itself if we keep our eyes open, so to speak, and stay true to that which is essential.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Call it meditation, call it contemplation, call it whatever you like! For it to be right effort it needs to be motivated by inner clarity and contentment.

File:Aj.Munindo with Aj.Liem.jpg

Even though a good rational argument might be made for engaging YouTube to spread Dhamma, what motivates my actions is more than rational thought. I needed a lot of encouragement as, although I sincerely wanted to let go of the habits that kept tripping me up, I regularly lost it: What are some of the means you use to facilitate training?

The archetypal image of the renunciant can be a powerful trigger, giving rise to faith in the possibility of freedom. Harnham Buddhist Monastery Trust. Monastic or retreat situations, with their emphasis on constant mindfulness, enhance the opportunities to cultivate them. Quite a few, I expect.

Someone who has internalized these principles to a greater degree can take a lot more pressure. Only communal terminals are to be used and likewise with email addresses. When this sort of thing happens, those who become disappointed tend to blame the community for letting them down.