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All rights reserved. No part of the contents of this manual may be reproduced or This manual is available through Aldelo, LP and resellers worldwide. Please. This manual is available through Aldelo Systems Inc. and resellers worldwide. other languages that the manual may be translated into, please contact Aldelo. Aldelo User Manual Download, The Aldelo For Restaurants software solution is extremely user friendly and very simple to learn. Download your manual today.

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We use this section to discuss the various scenarios you may encounter when deploying Aldelo EDC. If you need more information about any field in Aldelo EDC, use the tool tips by keeping the mouse pointer over the field you have questions about.

This will display a description of what the field is used for. To export and import data from your database, follow the steps below Export 1. This is also true for all other applications that must access web services and is not built on.

Overview of Aldelo EDC On top of all these built-in application level securities, Aldelo EDC also uses Microsoft SQL Server as the back end data store for maximum reliability and scalability.

This will be the password used when you try to access something that is protected by the security settings. Failure to use this function properly may result in loss of transactions and pending credit card funds. Fill in the information given by your Merchant Service Provider in the Mannual setting fields on right.

The default settings of IIS during installation will be acceptable for most customers. This will allow you to track exactly what is going through the system and is very useful for troubleshooting issues. The audit trail is regarded as the authority for what happened to any particular transaction or batch.


Aldelo EDC User Manual

I cannot execute ASP. These are required libraries that must exist if POS for.


The reason we deploy everything on the server is to have the ability to create and manial database, as well as other server administrative duties. NET Framework is installed in the supported Windows operating system. This test ensures that Aldelo EDC is properly communicating with the selected merchant service provider.

The following instructions describe how to execute a Web Service test.

Once this wizard completes, you will be asked to login with the new administrator account created from the wizard. Simplified, reliable, and secured credit card payment acceptance can significantly enhance quality of service. Aldelo For Restaurants will have certain payment processing features enabled only when integrated with Aldelo EDC, and Aldelo Technical Staff are trained to provide assistance on both solutions within the same call.

In the Store Settings screen, the Bold fields are required. Static IP address is not required unless you plan to host Aldelo EDC payment engine web service to the Internet for third party solutions located outside of your store.

Upon completion of this function, you should be ready to start a new batch and process transactions normally again. The key is to ensure that such Internet services will remain connected, and in the case of disconnect, the router or modem equipment will auto connect immediately.

This will bring up the Store Settings for the software.

maual We also recommend leaving the default Connect Time Out and Response Time Out to as this should be sufficient for the supported merchant service providers.

Seamless integration by third party solutions to Aldelo EDC is a breeze. Traditionally, merchants process credit card transactions via specialized hardware payment terminals such as Nurit or Verifone. All information packets and data storage units are based on XML formats aldlo simpler parsing.

In recent years, a new breed of payment acceptance technologies has emerged. This is a set of ASP. The fields of the wizard are explained in the software popup tooltip. Integrated Merchants are those merchants who need to process credit card transactions via an integrated environment. Network Interface Card, used to connect to manua, PCs in the same network.


Installation Setup

manua Plus, broadband Internet always out perform dial up payment transaction speed. This chapter provides you with step by step configuration and testing procedures to ensure proper setup of Aldelo EDC.

NET Web Service methods, any solution whether windows application or web solution that can consume web service may take advantage of this. Manula Server deployment, please ensure that IIS is already installed. This will bring up the Windows Components Wizard.

This user will have all rights in the software so make sure to check all checkboxes to allow full access to everything. Alvelo troubleshooting issues that may occur while processing credit cards, the audit trail should be your first source of information. This email notification feature is very useful for being alerted of key events such as errors, warnings or successes.

Windows Server Windows Server is a server grade operating system designed for kanual to large enterprises. This will prevent the transactions from actually hitting the processor and will only return simulated responses. This password is used to encrypt all transactions that are stored in the database.

All transactions and user activities are logged for audit trail purposes, and all cardholder data are stored in AES encrypted state and cleared after batch close.

To setup a new merchant account, follow the steps below. These types of events cause Aldelo EDC to be out of synch with the merchant service provider for the current batch. Overall, Aldelo EDC is a simple to use, reliable, secure, and scalable credit card payment processing solution for any merchants who wish to accept credit cards.

Select the file you wish to manial. Aldelo EDC is designed to function either stand alone or integrated with external business software aldelp as a point of sale solution.