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So, this is actually a micro computer, and now I’m thinking that it would be nice to leave the LCD in there and use the thing as a whole, just adding some extra hardware for the application specific stuff and doing new software the core chips has mechanisms to download new software either from a USB pen or an SD datassheet.

Alternatively scour the internet looking for firmware updates for any photo frame e. If you’re trying to add firmware via USB Daatasheet, call your firmware upgrade. According to the manufacturerthe A can have the software updated by USB or memory card.

AML6153, AML61BA3U, AML6210A

Fri Jun 26, 2: It’s a bit extreme, but possible. Navigate to it and you can select it, which prompts you to upgrade aml6120a it. Sun Jun 28, 6: Fri Jun 12, 1: I think you will find buying another display that is easier to drive is the way to go.

Yes I think that it’s a better idea. The 1st attempt I made was to search for a serial port, but no success.

What are good practices when using SPI? Essentials Only Full Version.

Nuno, have a look here: The USB on this frame only works as a host. The manufacturer’s page has only a few high level characteristics, and I got no answer to my email requesting such info I wonder why. I opened and from a high level point of view the circuit is relatively simple in a double side PCB, and you can more or less easily delimit sub-circuits on the PCB.


You can find the datasheet here: This alone is enough for loads and loads of fun Forums Posts Latest Posts.

All times are GMT – aml621a0 Hours. Depends how badly you want to hack this, but if you have hot air, you can lift the flash chip and put it down on one of the cheap routers, then use the JTAG on the router to read the contents.

As before, if you want to do an LCD project using a cheap one laying around from a photo frame is not a good idea. Well, either into it or not into it, you’ve posted some very usefull info, thanks!!

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Tue Aug 18, Forum Themes Elegant Mobile. Aml62110a believe that injecting a signal into this pin will enable the USB port which is connected but only acts as a charger on my model, and doesn’t enumerate when connected to a USB host. No idea the sequence of commands to put on this pin, but satasheet never know, it might be something simple.

Sun Jun 07, 9: Sun Jun 07, 4: Sun Jun 07, 3: I have a photo of the component area of the PCB with my comments, I’ll post it later when I get home. Fri May 29, 6: I have interfered with most other pins on this CPU to attempt to activate JTAG, which is normally a pull-up or pull-down resistor somewhere, but to no avail, so I think this pin is the key. Thu Jun 11, 6: Too bad they are 3. The new Aml2610a family will drive a display of that resolution, but may need external RAM depending on colour depth.


Sun Oct 02, 1: Wed Jun 24, 1: Debug breakpoints automatically disabled Future of PIC32 16F88 cannot set internal oscillator frequency beyond Thanks 1 4 Replies Related Threads. I you have more informations User Control Panel Log out.

AMLA boots and what does it do. Haven’t received registration datasbeet E-mail?

AMLA – A/V Processor – Amlogic –

Sorry for typical forum answer but This would perhaps allow one to darasheet basic things like the name of the file on the CF card that it reads for firmware updates. For compiler, you can use the gcc amk6210a on my page. After a further look, it appears the test points you indicate as being at 3. Ok, I have understood that it’s very difficult to find a controller for this LCd and it’s also difficult to write my own controller.

My guess would be that if you create a file with a special name, it would be loaded as firmware I’ve seen some other devices doing it. So here goes my questions: You can always try to wiggle them and see, but i don’t hold adtasheet much hope.