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A remarkable account of the amazing life story of the man who inspired the film Hotel Rwanda Readers who were moved and horrified by Hotel Rwanda. The man made famous by Hotel Rwanda offers a compelling and horrifying account of the genocide in An Ordinary Man, says Simon. David Smith on An Ordinary Man: The True Story Behind Hotel Rwanda.

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He expresses compelling opinions and outlines attractive strategies. He gives first- and second-hand accounts of the atrocities.

An Ordinary Man: An Autobiography – Paul Rusesabagina, Tom Zoellner – Google Books

We did not wake up one morning to hear it pouring out of the radio at pwul strength. How did he do it? I also felt that Paul’s poetic way of using metaphors to explain his thought process made this an easy read that flowed. There are so many stories of selfless people during the genocide who did whatever they could to help their countrymen, this is not one of them.

That was before the slaughter. You have to know what people are saying in order to argue against their points of view.

Improvised shelter

Each one of those lives was like a little world in itself. At the very least, ordinqry book makes you think–it’s a gripping quick read and very informative. Maybe at one time such a division existed, but intermarriage and a common language and culture many had become Christian gradually blurred it.

This book is a very well-written account of Rusesabagina’s experience as a hotel manager during the Rwandan genocide of I think this is a very important thing to be aware of, given that it’s likely that many more similar events will happen in various parts of the world, within our lifetimes.

I was put on the line with the commander of the Bangladeshi troops that made up the largest contingent of the United Nations’ mission in Rwanda.


More than eight hundred thousand people were killed in less than one hundred days. We hung up and I told my wife the news while I dug in my pants pocket for a phone number.

Jul 21, Barb rated it it was amazing. But I hadn’t known that Paul Rusesabagina had written a book until very recently when I happened to stumble on it here on I was only 12 years old when the genocide in Rwanda took place. Stories From Rwanda” by Philip Gourevitch. Rusesabagina even names names: I usually read thru my lunch hour, but had to stop because I couldn’t eat after reading about the horrors and brutality of regular people slaughtering their neighbors, their friends, even their own families.

The movie was eye-opening, to say the least, and I was incredibly moved by it. The monstrous efficiency was due to a few factors: But the important word in that sentence is image.

Nov 07, Stephanie rated it it was amazing Shelves: Part of it was my job. His comments at the end of the book are insightful. By all means, read it. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. During the Rwandan genocide, he protected 1, people in the luxury hotel he was managing. It did not happen all at once.

An Ordinary Man: An Autobiography by Paul Rusesabagina

To be shot rather than be dismembered by machete before your screaming family was a mercy. He used his skills, training, and supplies at hand to fend off an army. To him, that’s the normal thing to do. None of the refugees in my hotel were killed. In I was blessed with the gift of history about a very special man-A man who earned the Presidential Medal of Freedom orrinary the National Civil Rights Museum’s Freedom Award- An ordinary manhired by the Swiss hotel chains to manage a luxury ruseeabagina chain, is an understatement.

I was a Hutu because my father was Hutu, and this gave me a certain amount of protection against immediate execution. If more people stopped turning a blind eye to hatred and violence and stood up for what they knew in their hearts was truth genocide would paaul occur and ruthless dictators would lose power. Rusesabxgina Hutu majority group ruled the country, and in the early 90s it launched by radio a vicious campaign of hate propaganda.


And finally, when the man had calmed down, Rusesabagina suggested a solution that might make all parties happy.

The Clinton administration refused to help, the Mitterand presidency actively rusesabgaina the killers, the Belgians bulked at the monster they had created and the UN waited until the rebel army had arrived before sheltering the murderers, having withdrawn the troops sent in to keep the peace. We have a deep-seated respect for authority figures in my country.

An Ordinary Man: An Autobiography

It will take much love and effort to ensure they have a rusesabagkna of meaning and purpose. Can the past horrors happen again? Rusesabagina suggests the tragedy arose principally from a quest for power and a fear of difference; readers may draw their own comparisons with the Nazi Holocaust and tribal conflicts elsewhere.

It seemed that this was going to be all the help we would get from the United Nations tonight. The rest was for convincing influential people not to kill the refugees in the hotel.

I had stored up a large bank of favors. These children are now emerging into adolescence. Instead of using his words as weapons of death, he saw that even the most evil man still had some good in him, and he appealed to pwul part of the enemy in order to save many lives; his words became veritable tools of life.

An autoboigraphy of Paul Rusesabagina, the man who inspired the movie Hotel Rwanda. Movie 1 6 Dec 02,