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Contraception and Chastity was first published by the CTS in Its fresh and incisive defence of the Church’s teaching has helped many to appreciate the. Download Citation on ResearchGate | Contraception and Chastity | Roman Catholic thinker Elizabeth Anscombe relfects on the theological implications of. Much good sense and wisdom is contained in Professor Anscombe’s reflections on “Contraception and Chastity,” but a challenge is made to her suggestion that.

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She quite explicitly is not forbidding the use of the word ought. While various kinds of non-sexual activity can undermine commitment to PS, SS is especially relevant and serious in undermining it because it is, like PS, sexual activity see below. For they would, most of them, be deviant sexual acts. That is not to say that Christians were good; we humans are a bad lot and our lives as Christians even if not blackly and grossly wicked are usually very mediocre.

By retaining the importance of objective bodily structures and contracepion they mean as well as our immediate intentions in the sexual arena, she honours the marital meaning of our sexual acts and organs and refuses to obscure the sui generis nature of the anwcombe sphere. Moreover, a question arises 22 Ancombe Not that dhastity virtue isn’t useful: For instance, my having given you money last week and your having promised to pay me back would be brute facts in this case.

It’s as ordinary as the feeling for the respect due to a man’s dead body: But Athenagoras, the Ecumenical Patriarch, who has the primacy of the Orthodox Church, immediately spoke up and confirmed that this was Christian teaching, the only possible Christian teaching.

A simple test of whether one is so is this: The trouble about the Contraceptipn standard of chastity is that it isn’t and never has been generally lived by; not that it would be profitless if it were. In any case, the idea that much should turn on whether such a thing could, or does, exist, or whether it would be classified by Prof.

It’s useful, very useful, to get clear about all this; it should help us to think and act justly and not to be too mad about property, too. Restricted, that is, conyraception partners bound in a formal, legal, union whose fundamental purpose is the bringing up of children?

This occurs in a context in which Professor Anscombe rightly emphasizes that acts as intentional are in question. His behavior is as unintelligible as it would have been if we had not been told his reason. People would rather speak of the expression of mutual love. For it is not even a proper act of intercourse, and therefore is not a true marriage act.


And perhaps we are wrong sometimes cchastity our intentions, especially if we forget or have subconscious motivations. We can’t ever know that the time of possibility of gaining eternal life is over, however old, wretched, “useless” someone has become.

It can’t be contraceptioon mere pattern of bodily behavior in which the stimulation is procured that makes all the difference! Sex, the means of this beginning, is something that she regarded as naturally associated with shame. It is true, though, Anscombe notes, that some people do try to abuse the doctrine by treating intention in this misguided kind of way. And finally for Contrcaeption divorce was excluded.

Elizabeth Anscombe — Contraception and Chastity

We want to stress nowadays, that the one vocation that is spoken of in the New Testament is the calling of a Christian. Because utility presupposes the life of those who are to be convenienced, and everybody perceives quite clearly that the wrong done in murder is done first and foremost to the victim, whose life is not inconvenienced, it just isn’t there any more. We take it, therefore, that the reflections of two pagans will not be by that fact alone irrelevant to her argument.

He regards it as more corrupted by the fall than our other faculties. This peculiarity of the Christian life was taught in a precept issued by the Council of Jerusalem, the very first council of the Christian Church.

It is possible to act badly because of having a bad intention, of course, but it is also possible, as the example of writing on a wet chalkboard shows, for action to go wrong because of errors in execution. For with contraception becoming common in this country and the Protestants approving it in the end, the Popes reiterated the condemnation of it.

The Christian life simply imposed these peculiar restrictions on you; all the same the prohibition on fornication must have stood out; it must have meant a very serious change of life to many, as it would today.

Anscombe has failed, even within her own kind of argument, to provide any coherent defence of the moral distinction between the pill method and the rhythm method.

G. E. M. Anscombe (1919—2001)

With modern physiological knowledge contraception by contracetpion methods could be clearly distinguished from early abortion, though some contraceptive methods might be abortifacient. The Christian Church has taught such an ideal of chastity: So no one envisaged a policy of seeking to have just a reasonable number of children by any method other than continence over sufficient periods as a policy compatible with chastity. But possibility destroys mere acceptance.

They pretend to believe what they cannot and do not in fact believe. Contraceptive intercourse fails on the first count; and to intend such an act is not to intend a marriage act at all, whether or no we’re married.


Some have thought this must mean: Christianity taught that men ought to be as chaste as pagans thought honest women ought to be; the contraceptive morality teaches that women need znd be as little anscombf as pagans thought men need be.

But the statement of my intention, of anscimbe I take myself to be doing, is likely to be the most illuminating for anyone who wants to understand what I am doing which is closely related to the question of why I am doing it.

What will these be? McCabe draws the analogy of football, where the purpose of the game is to score goals but where a back-pass may serve this overall end. Now as to that, the Pope was pretty solemnly confirming the only and constant teaching of the Church. This is an apt gloss on Augustine’s “mutual service,” and it destroys the basis for the picture which some have had of intercourse not for the sake of children as necessarily a little bit sinful on one side, since one must be “demanding,” and not for any worthy motive but purely “out of desire for pleasure.

They do not, as they might think, believe in the theory because unbiased reflection on experience tells us that this kind of theory is true. Includes essays on the first person, intention, ethics including both military and sexual ethicsand other issues addressed by Anscombe. For we don’t invent marriage, as we may invent the terms of an association or club, any more than we invent human language. A severe morality holds that intercourse and may hold this of eating, too has something wrong about it if it is ever done except explicitly as being required for that preservation of human life which is what makes intercourse a good kind of action.

I think one has to know about it in order to appreciate the teachings of Christianity about chastity in a wide sense. The trouble about the Christian standard of chastity is that it isn’t and never has been generally lived by; not that it would be profitless if it were. The Christian life simply imposed these peculiar restrictions on you.

Anscombe claim to know, and how dare she assert, that any and every act of “the homosexual sort” is a “rewardless trouble of the spirit”? The anger of the propagandists for contraception is indeed a proof that the limitation of conception by the “rhythm” method is hateful to their spirit. But that, after all, is what the Church as teacher is for.