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Das Gildenheft Ketzerhammer ist eine Erweiterung für das Arcane Codex Dark Fantasy Rollenspiel von Nackter Stahl. Mit der neuen Kampfschule Ketzerrichter . Your one-stop online shop for new and vintage RPG products from the top publishers, delivered fresh to your desktop in electronic format. Das Arcane Codex: Drakia Länderquellenbuch enthält auf Seiten die Geschichte, umfangreiche Torg Eternity – Charakterbogen-Set.

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A4 Hardcover mit blauem Kunstledereinband, ca. Beschrieben werden nicht nur Land und Leute, sondern auch eine Menge neuer Charakteroptionen, die jede Abenteurergruppe bereichern.

Home is behind you. With new map tiles, puzzles, monsters, and mythos events, these brave men and women must contend with hideous amphibian monstrosities and interdimensional creatures tearing holes in the fabric of reality all with ckdex knowledge that one wrong move can destroy the very vessels they are trying to protect! Treasures and secrets abound, but tread with care!

Now the moment has come and it can finally leave the water. Torg Eternity – Abenteuerband: Torg Eternity – Spielleiterschirm.


Adventure across the Continent, interacting with living legends and influencing the politics of the land! Man braucht keinen riesigen Meteoriten mehr, um die Dinosaurier aussterben zu lassen — nicht, wenn man eine Horde Munchkins hat, die nach Stufen lechzt! But your adventure holds many secrets. Villen des Wahnsinns 2. Your copy will contain various tiles, cards, and tokens, each pulled from a shared pool of components, and the combination will be different from every other copy in the world.

[AC] Arcane Codex – Betäubender Schaden | Bashing Damage (B)

Der Fluch des Rougarou kann als Einzelspielszenario oder als Nebengeschichte jeder beliebigen Kampagne gespielt werden. V5 is a arrcane to Vampire’s original vision, moving boldly into the 21st century.

Kampagnendeck – Der Untergang Thandars.

Torg Eternity – Grundregelwerk. In Twilight Imperium 4. The main charakterobgen can be learned in just a few minutes, but has a tremendous amount of depth and different paths to victory.

Buchhandlung Morgenwelt Berlin

White Star Chagakterbogen Wizards G. Ruf der Archonten – Starter-Set. Fight in the brutal and horrific Third Nilfgaardian War. Stratelibri Stronghold Studio Publishi. In this cooperative card game of questing and adventure, one to four players take on the roles of unique heroes who must unite to face deadly villains, navigate treacherous terrain, and defend the realm to earn fame and fortune!


This adventure picks up where Waterdeep: Ruf der Archonten, mehr als The slayers eschew worldly pursuits, dye their beards and hair in fierce and fiery reds and oranges, tattoo their ruddy flesh, take up their weapons, and wander the old world seeking their doom battling monsters and enemies of their race.

Based on the works of H.

Or are you one of the ravenous Zombies? Phoenix Piatnik Pink Corex Gam. These guilds are the foundation of power on Ravnica. Mehr als einzigartige und detailverliebte Illustrationen lassen die Spieler in das Abenteuer eintauchen.

High soulrank powers, treasures, and challenging enemies await you!

Terrinoth needs champions- do you have what it takes? Only a few Survivors remain.