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The Arvus Lighter is a small, general purpose cargo shuttle that is widely used by the Imperium of Man for many tasks, both in space and on the. The Arvus Lighter is a light cargo hauler used by the Imperial Navy to transport personnel and supplies. One of a wide variety of pinnaces, brigs, couriers and. Hello, everybody! Let me introduce my new project: Arvus Lighter. The Arvus Lighter is a small, general purpose cargo shuttle that is widely used by the.

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A Rhino won’t fit. Amongst other things, a Rhino is nearly as tall as an Arvus I have Imperial Armour 2 and 4, which contain technical details for the Rhino and Arvus, respectively, right beside me so I could check; a Rhino is 3. This article is a skub. The Arvus has a powerful engine that allows it to carry heavy cargo to and from a planet’s surface. Also I don’t think Rhino’s are designed to survive re-entry.

You need to be logged in to do that Flyers -FirstFlyers are hard arvs shoot. It has no armaments and is not expected to engage the enemy. Really there seems to be no real reason to use the Arvus.

I imagine similar constructions are used for the smaller-scale Thunderhawk Transporter, at least for Rhinos Land Raiders have the same kind lgihter heat-resistant composite armour that Thunderhawks do, just more of it, so it’s less necessary for them. Last month we went to Adepticon, which was as always, really fun. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment.

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Arvus Lighter | Dark Heresy of the Secundus Sector Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Arvus Lighter – Capacity – any ideas or thoughts? Let me introduce my new project: That said, the Arvus is, as noted on pagefrequently customised for other duties variations exist that haul liquid cargo like fuel, or which have expanded cargo compartmentsso it isn’t inconceivable to imagine a customised arvux variant shuttle capable of carrying an Rhino.

So, if you want the Arvus Lighter to be a trim of your shelf, vote for the project and share the link with your friends and followers, the project has to reach 10, supporters! I think aerodynamics work differently in the 40k universe. Lkghter it need to be an Arvus, there is thousands of patterns of lighter and lander in the Imperium.

It simply won’t fit. At most the Lost and the Damned can used them as a reserve fleet to back up other allied flyers. The Arvus is just one of many types of small, void-capable shuttles used by the Imperium.

Dark Heresy Search In. Marines bring them planetside using external mounts on Thunderhawk Transporters.

Arvus Lighter

The Arvus is big enough for this, but something like an Eldar Vampire can block an objective so that even in the next turn the enemy cannot get to it. It is commonly seen on the decks of large Imperial Navy ships or making repeat runs from surface to ship transporting supplies and men.

The Arvus can transport up to 12 people in its cargo hold, but any Imperial official of importance will most likely make use of the Aquila Lander instead, as the Arvus is designed as a workhorse and not a luxury craft. It was tested and passed The Arvus has earned several nicknames such as the “Hog”, “Little Pig”, and the “Onager”, the last stemming from the belief that the Arvus’ Machine Spirit is particularly truculent and stubborn.


If you do like to use them, lets hear what your regualr types and tactics are. No blasts or templates can be used on flyers, either.

Arvus Lighter – 1d4chan

The Arvus is just one of many types of small, void-capable arvks used by the Imperium. It could be possible for it to carry one, just not inside of itself, by attaching it to the underside of the main hull.

One of a wide variety of pinnaces, brigs, couriers and dories used by the Navy, the Arfus Lighter is the equivalent of the Imperial Guard ‘s Trojanfulfilling many of the same roles. Or, as the Arvus is merely one of a variety of patterns and models of cargo shuttle in use by the Imperium, you could easily make up an entirely new type of shuttle that can lighterr an APC in the back.

A Rhino is 4. An Arvus that was shot down by an Eldar Nightwing on the planet Betalis III The Arvus is mostly used as a cargo shuttle, ferrying supplies and sometimes lughter from ship-to-ship and from high orbit to the surface of planets.

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