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A few points to note, assuming Alexander won. 1. Alexander, after defeating Porus, impressed by him makes him the governor of all his territories in India. Hydaspes (Old Indian Vitaçtā, modern Jhelum): river in Pakistan, famous for a battle of Alexander the Great. Hydaspes, possible location of the. After destroying the last remnants of the Persian army at Gaugamela, Alexander spent the next two years occupying the heartlands of central Asia. Continuing.

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The fleet first followed the Hydaspes to the Acesines Chenabwhich in turn fed into the Indus. Why, he asked, would the Hyphasis River and what lay beyond daunt them now?

The army had been lashed by the monsoon since it left the Hydaspes. But Perdiccas found the city empty, its inhabitants having already fled. As the two forces collided in the center of the battle field, the Macedonian phalanxes easily ran down the Indian foot soldiers before them, impaling hundreds of the enemy on their sixteen foot pikes with each advancing step.

Many of their mahouts had been struck down by Macedonian missiles before they could kill their panicked mounts with poisoned rods, and hence the maddened animals wrought enormous havoc, trampling many of their own infantry and cavalry to death. After being refreshed, he allowed himself to be taken to Alexander. He tried another tack: The conquest of Bactria and the Indus valley. After his recuperation, the Macedonian king sailed down the Indus to the Indian Ocean and then marched back to Babylon.

Porus himself failed to take the initiative, mainly trying to counter his opponent’s moves. The production of power from wind energy has considerably increased in the recent years. MapsofIndia has updated its Terms and Privacy Policy to give Users more transparency into the data this Website collects, how it is processed and the controls Users have on their personal data.


Hydaspes ( BCE) – Livius

Crying out in shock, the Guard rushed to the ladders as Peucestas, Leonnatus and Abreas disappeared over the top. With that split-second decision made, he leapt inside. Alexander attacked on the right, but failed to find a gap to exploit with his horsemen.

The battle itself has become famous, but it was in fact a skirmish. American Civil War, four-year war —65 between the United States and 11 Southern states that seceded…. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Chandragupta, the future first empire-builder of India, was a child when he first saw Alexander and would later remark that success was assured because the Gangic kingdoms were rotten.

With his entire force now across the Hydaspes, Alexander marched inland to face Porus. You can make it easier for us to review and, hopefully, publish your contribution by keeping a few points in mind. The complex preparations for the crossing were accomplished with the use of numerous feints and other forms of deception.

Fuller saw Diodorus’ casualty figures of 1, men killed as more realistic.

The battle resulted in a Greek victory and the surrender of Porus. But the sheer bravery of each individual soldier could not halt the Macedonian’s from advancing on all fronts.

Outside the citadel, near panic had gripped the Guards. Following the battle, Alexander founded two cities in this region, one at the spot of the battle called Nicaea Greek for Victory in commemoration of his success and one on the other og of the Hydaspes called Alexandria Bucephalusto honour his faithful steed, which died soon after this battle.

A painting by Andre Castaigne depicting the phalanx attacking the centre at Hydaspes.


Hydaspes (326 BCE)

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As Alexander’s army continued onward, the monsoon season suddenly broke upon them. The Indians were poised with cavalry on both batrle, fronted by their chariots, while their center comprising infantry with war elephants stationed every fifty feet in front of them, to deter the Macedonian cavalry. Porus was isolated and Alexander employed only one sixth of his forces.

Or are you afraid of being held responsible for my having received an incurable wound? The battle took place on the east bank of the Hydaspes River now called the Jhelum Rivera tributary of the Indus River in what is now the Punjab Province of Pakistan.

Battle of the Hydaspesbcefourth and last pitched battle fought by Alexander the Great during his campaign of conquest in Asia. Macedonian, 1, of 41,; Indian, 12, dead and 9, captured of 50, But so many tried to mount at once that the ladders shattered. He promised more when the last of Asia was subdued: The Macedonian and Greek core of his army, in particular, had been with him since he had crossed the Hellespont in BC.

Lung tissue never fully recovers, and the thick scarring in its place made every breath cut like a knife.

The Macedonians did not flinch but stabbed and thrust at the monsters, while abttle swarms of javelins and arrows killed the mahouts and fighting men on the howdahs atop the beasts.