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bc. BILLY BUNTER and THE MAGNET Page amended 4th February, Just ONE page on the Collecting Books and Magazines web site based in Australia. Results 1 – 48 of £6 each Here are the numbers- Summer omnibus Billy bunters own no 12 Greyfriars holiday annual , , , When. Billy Bunter: Film Star (Magnet Facsims.) [Frank Richards] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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CP3 Collectors’ Pie No 3. By contrast, Billy Bunter is particularly close to his mother, Mrs Amelia Bunter, a kindly lady who appears only briefly in seven stories. But his pride and his pleasure is to write for young people, and he is content to live and die a Boys’ Writer – Billy Bunter and he are inseparable till death do them part!

This is seen in several stories, usually involving his mother suffering an illness, allowing a better side of Bunter’s character to be seen. More refinements More refinements Which is perhaps why his characters also remain essentially on the borders of credibility, larger than life stereotypes or archetypes depending on the individual reader’s point of view.

Billy Bunter – Wikipedia

biloy Amazon Renewed Refurbished products with a warranty. The television show was totally centred on Bunter, with the other characters playing only a peripheral role. Bathhurst, David Six of the best!

The curious thing was that the headmaster, whose daughter belonged to one of the milder suffrage societies, was in favour of the franchise for women, and had manet so for many years, but since the explosion in the tower, his views on the subject were modifying. In the classic Bunter stories we can enter an ‘enchanted world’, one that bears only a passing resemblance to the world we experience every day. However, this attribute applies to Bunter himself rather than the stories in general in which both the protagonists and the narrative of the Greyfriars stories are unusually firm in rejecting racism.


The form-master, Mr Quelch, stayed at least in namebut he lost his dignity and aloofness. This characteristic was first seen in Magnet No. However, by they had relented, and Billj was then able to obtain a contract from publishers Charles Skilton for a series of hardback novels. The poor old mater!

Maybe such a paragon was not easy to fit into the usual plots. First appearance of Bessie Bunter. Posted October 4, at 9: At least one sequence of Bunter stories contains magical elements that make it more akin to a Harry Potter tale 5and the larger than life aspects of the Greyfriars stories often take on extraordinary proportions to match the physicality of Billy Bunter himself.

Billy Bunter’s Own Would the real Charles Hamilton please stand up: Which, considering the age range he was writing for, is praiseworthy. Although a used book, it should appear unread with no flaws, just as when it was sold new. The realities of religion, sex, war, poverty and social class were, he says, left unmentioned.

What could be a more sublime, and subversive, fantasy than this?

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matnet A notable exception occurs in a story, when an election for a new Remove Form Captain takes place. The peculiar policy of the militant Suffragettes, attacking friends as well as foes, had its natural effect.

HB84 The Greyfriars Actors. The support of the form divides equally between two candidates, leaving Bunter with the casting vote. The headmaster is put in the position of the Liberal government — not utterly opposed to women getting the vote, but very unwilling to cave in to the threat of violence.

Stronger characters such as Remove Captain Harry Wharton, the hard and rebellious Herbert Vernon-Smith and Fifth form duffer Horace Coker are frequently given leading roles in their own series; and even lesser characters such as American junior Fisher T Fish and aspiring actor William Wibley would occasionally be brought to the fore in their own series.


Billy Bunter

Hurree Singh’s Surprise Packet. His use of disguises through which no one ever sees is, as you say, one of the odder features of his story-telling. Tony lists some reasons why he enjoys the Bunter stories.

The result was the Ravenspur Grange series Magnets to which prompted a strong outcry from the Magnet readership, dismayed at Bunter’s disappearance. It is also daftly unrealistic in its use of the convention of the impenetrability of disguise, and in much else, too.

Bunter, for once, was thinking of someone other than himself. The manly young chaps have not betrayed their code; words and not blows have been used, and the effect of the words has been to expose the previously hidden antagonisms within the Suffrage organisation. George Simmers on Commando No Under numerous pseudonyms around thirty, including Frank Richards and Martin Clifford he wrote thousands of ‘boys’ stories’ ranging from tales of adventure in wilderness outposts to his better known school stories of Greyfriars and St Jims.

During our school days, one of mgnet reasons we read [Hamilton’s] books. Clark, Beverly Lyon Regendering the school story: Cambridge, Cambridge University Press. Bunter’s Promethean quest for tuck, for instance, is everlasting, always fulfilled and always unfulfilled. As early as buner, in The Magnet issuea map appeared of the Greyfriar’s environment. Since then bhnter Hamilton] has had me in thrall. George Orwell described him as ” It was heard distinctly by all ears in the Remove form-room at Greyfriars School: To his credit, he is invariably in a state of extreme terror himself on such occasions.

The importance of maps in fiction is that they blly resemble and dissemble.