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Warhammer BRETONNIA ARMY BOOK 6th Edition Fantasy WFB VG OOP Codex Warhammer Fantasy “Oldhammer” Codex Army Book – Bretonnia 7th Ed. The issue with him is that he excells at killing things Bretonnia can usually handle well (cavalry and monsters, basically: things without static. I was waiting for Brets to get an 8th ed army book so I didn’t have to rely on the 7th ed. book strategy of “shoot enemies with bowmen and trebs.

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Being a Strength 10 centre blast also has its advantages over your typical Strength 9.

A unit of 3 Peg knights can hit a bunker unit and easily take down wizards and BSB’s. The downside of course, is the Trebuchet does not have flaming attacks, making it bretonnia at best. The biggest drawback here is that it has no use outside of hunting monsters, as all of its effects only come into play when attacking T5 units or better.

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This is key as it removes dastardly things like Regeneration and is handy against things like Treekin, or Treemen who are flammable. Here a brettonnia by spell breakdown of the lore, and why bregonnia is so good.

Mounted Yeomen are a strange bunch, they come well equipped at a reasonable price and perform all the duties Fast Cavalry should perform. Army Lists Knowing what each unit does is all well and good, but if you cant turn that into a coherent fighting force you are not going to get very far. The price is high, but could be used to great effect if you want a unit to duke it out till the end. Still they’re not as under-powered as some armies and if you can get them to work they will run roughshod bretonnnia the competition: Being skirmishers, they are harder to shoot at, making them tricky buggers to get rid of and with the addition of being able to March and Shoot is bretonmia snazzy, giving them a whopping 38″ threat zone.


Magic Bretonnoa This section of the guide focuses exclusively on Magic. This being Bretonnia, we actually have Elite Elite units These are not the ONLY builds available, but are solid starter builds that can be used in friendly and competitive matches in equal measure.

Another solid, all round weapon.

It does however have plenty of stories and background found nowhere else. She brehonnia an absolute must have in any army of almost any size. Conclusion You are going to want at least bretnonia Damsel in any list, and that Damsel should be packing the Prayer Icon every time. The fact the enemy cannot stand and shoot is massive when they are shooting at point knights If anyone rolls the Comet, peoples first reaction is “Bugger”.

This stuff does not allow your lord a look out sir save, so its still not without risk. As long as the weapons you give them look big and chunky it doesn’t matter if the arms you use are a pair.

Games can be won as a unit of frenzied chaos warriors spend 1 turn killing a unit then overrunning somewhere useless, 1 turn reforming, turns marching back into position and by the time they charge, the game ends. Whilst not as universally useful as the buffs and hex we have access to, it is nice to throw around lightning every now and then.

The final piece in this lovely puzzle is that being a fence, it counts as Soft Cover. Other key targets are things like Varghiests, Dragons, Griffons etc.


Warhammer/Tactics/8th Edition/Bretonnia – 1d4chan

This item will be shipped through the Global Shipping Program and includes international tracking. So much so, the cost of it does not hinder my use of it. Learn More – opens in a new window or tab Any international shipping is paid in part to Pitney Bowes Inc.

This is pretty cool, but there are cheaper weapons that i feel do more. Putting a hand on the reigns or pointing heroicly will do fine. Secondly, the primary source of flanking units, archers hunters, wizard killers and warmachine busters are Flying units such as Great Eagles, Harpies, Furies Aim for a majority of knights, Knights, Knights and Knights. Nothing is worse than your Knights Errant getting punked by skeletons turn 2, or your Knights of the Realm fleeing from a Terror causer.

Warhammer/Tactics/8th Edition/Bretonnia

When you are choosing your targets, aim for things with regeneration first. To keep him fighting fit, you are going to need some cunning to avoid cannons.

There increased stat line is a massive boon as you are hitting more, hitting harder, getting more attacks and striking first. They currently have the most workable cavalry in the game but their units tend to run either overpriced Knights or under powered Peasants.

Not a bad choice, but in most cases not as effective as the Sword of Might or something of that ilk. If you would like to pay by means other than PayPal, please contact us to make arrangements.