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Every Caesarstone® quartz surface comes with a comprehensive 10 Year Limited Please note, due to Christmas trading – All warranty registrations submitted. Because your peace of mind is a top priority, we provide every client with a lifetime warranty for every Caesarstone quartz surface product we. Caesarstone’s Warranty. As passionate as we are about design, we are equally committed to providing the best quality and service. When you purchase.

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Did I mention that this job was on an extremely tight time frame?

This warranty does not cover products installed with a known or visible manufacturing defect at the time of installation, including, but not limited to, color variance particularly at seam locations.

This warranty does not cover Caesarstone products used in flooring applications. Improper use or abuse includes, but is not limited to, damage from mishandling of the product, damage from excessive heat or uneven exposure to weather conditions, physical or chemical abuse and damage from improper care and maintenance.

CaesarStone is caesarstons very hard material and highly scratch resistance but not scratch proof. This warranty does not cover any creative use of the material including bending or curving. With all the is going on in the Middle East, wonder how long till supply problems arise. Fabricators are required to perform a visual inspection of all materials prior to fabrication and again prior to installation.

This warranty does not cover improper use or abuse. I have to say that there are really good manufacturers out there who do stand behind their product.

Without derogating from the aforementioned, replacement warranty defective Caesarstone quartz slab will be subject to inventory constraints. I agree with Brian on the label thingy. Full Legal ‘Terms of Use’ For the benefit of the community and to protect the integrity of the project, please observe the following posting guidelines: Following installation, you must register your product within thirty 30 days in order to activate your warranty.


DuPont is the only company that we do business with that actually states in the warranty that labor is covered. We work with national contractors and travel with them where they go. Posting, reading and participating on TheFabricatorNetwork. We assumed that the second shipment of 8 pallets of material sheets would be the same, but ohhhh no. Because the rules change at our discretion, post at your own discretion.

The new owner will receive a prorated year limited warranty, which is prorated from the original date of installation. CaesarStone materials contain important product information on the back of each slab.

These issues are not considered material defects and are subject to proper care and maintenance by the owner. This warranty does not cover damages caused by work such as plumbing, electrical, tile, cabinets, flooring, etc. This warranty applies to the repair or replacement of defective Caesarstone quartz slab that has been permanently warrsnty and cadsarstone remained in its original location. You must agree to cooperate with U.

Complete the caeszrstone warranty registration form warrsnty https: This warranty applies only to Caesarstone quartz surfacing materials and does not apply to any other products, including other quartz surfacing products manufactured or supplied by any other party, except Caesarstone USA, Inc. Then we pointed out that warranyy material was cracked and they said that they do not cover cracks which it doesn’t state in the warranty.

Cambria paid for the material, fabrication, tear out, plumbing, and electrical, this was a kitchen and a master bathroom. This warranty does not cover temporary marks that are common to honed finishes such as metal marks, fingerprints or other signs of daily living.

Please read the following rules. In the event that no record of your warranty is on file, you must provide proof of purchase in the form of a copy of your original receipt or invoice showing the name of the Owner, Authorized Dealer and CaesarStone Certified Fabricator. This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights which vary ccaesarstone State to State. New Designs Inspired by the rough, tough and unpolished, translated into residential and commercial interiors.


It started out subtle enough that we probably had a dozen or more units fabricated before we saw the problem.

Warranty Registration

Fabricators are required to perform a visual inspection of all materials prior to fabrication and again prior to installation. This warranty does not cover routine maintenance. This warranty is transferable under the following conditions: That is a stand up company in my book.

This warranty does not cover seam appearance or seam performance, adhesives, caulk or other accessory items. This warranty does not cover mitered edges where the joint is not cut correctly.

I disagree, however, in that material flaws can be exposed when fabricating. In no event will the transferred warranty exceed ten 10 years from the date of the original installation. This includes overhangs in excess of the recommendations provided by CaesarStone which are inadequately supported. Warranties are often written to cover the material only.

Caesarstone Commercial Warranty

This warranty does not cover chips or other excessive impact damage in the product. Seems like a pretty standard “material warranty. This warranty does not cover chips or cracks that are a result of not following the minimum requirements for edge details. I have never read caesarstond a thing