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Fran Drescher’s Master Class Health Summit is a mind-expanding. The Official Store for the Cancer Schmancer Movement. We can’t thank you. Before you use them AROUND your home, check here. Type in the name of.

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But we also get to see a whole other side of her. But cures are few and far between. She’s funny even when she’s telling you about cancer. The important message in the book that can be given credit for is ‘you are the best one to decide whether there’s something wrong about you or not. I got famous, I got cancer, and I lived to talk about it. Illness is the great equalizer.

The two memoirs represent her growth, although I would recommend skipping over the more kitschy Enter Whining complete with a billion family photos and just reading Cancer Schmancer, even for fans. There seems to be a lot of self pitying in the book, which is to be expected, but it just doesn’t make a good read.

I wasn’t a huge Nanny watcher but then sitcoms tend to bore me. It’s not very long, but Fran Drescher packs in information about women’s health and her personal experience that may help women feel less embarrassed about getting screened for potential problems and more comfortable with taking care of themselves. The daughters of tomorrow will look back and thank us, the visionaries of today, for giving them a world in which no woman has to die of cancer due to late stage diagnosis.

Aug 03, Moira Webster-Larranaga rated it liked it. If you like her on TV, you will love her in print. This book showed me how strong Fran is, and how all cancer fighters and survivors have to be. Apr 08, Alexis rated it it was amazing. Together, we can demand thorough testing from health insurance companies and vote for politicians who make women’s healthcare a real priority.


I definitely think this is a book for any fran drescher fan to read. She describes her symptoms and how hard it was to get a correct diagnosis and treatment.

Not saying cancer is easy, just saying that she only knew she had it for a week, had one surgery and she was cured. The side that not that many others knew about Fran Drescher, Contributor Contributor. This is a good book to read just to learn about uterine cancer if nothing else, oy! She is famous for her nasal voice, laugh, and Queens accent. Fran Drescher is just as clever and funny in this book as she was in The Nanny.

It took me two years and eight doctors to get a proper diagnosis. Second, we are galvanizing women and alerting Capitol Hill that the collective female voice is vancer and more powerful than the richest corporate lobbyist. My best guess is a funny way of saying No?

Anyway, the key factor of the improvement is simply that Cancer Schmancer feels more honest. So, this review might be a bit biased, however I fell a little bad giving someone’s cancer memoir only 2 stars, but it just isn’t a very well written book. Just a moment while we sign dchmancer in to your Goodreads account. Which is important to remember, but in the end is kind of old news which you knew already.

Not everyone’s so lucky This book follows Fran Drescher’s battle with uterine cancer. Feb 28, Saskia rated it it was amazing. When the book was over the first thought I had was “That cannot be the end! Bravo Funny, raw, fast paced read about Fran’s bout with uterine cancer.

Cancer Schmancer | HuffPost Life

Also unfortunately she’s also using couple of cheap tricks, like bringing up ‘not wearing anything that day’ and telling ‘how she czncer to be naked’, which were not relevant for the story at that part of the book and hence sounded very strange to mention.


Fran talks about how she went undiagonsed canver two years and her encounters with Eleven different doctors. We also get the story of a woman who had been in a relationship with one guy since she was a teen, and never really had a youthful youth, now trying to find herself at With her trademark humour, Fran tells of her indefatigable search for answers and the cancer diagnosis that she ultimately beat.

I admire that kind of grit. Loved her view on things and appreciate all she went through to find her diagnosis.

Cancer Schmancer

In the meantime, we women must take control of our bodies, and put ourselves on the winning side of this battle. Cancer Schmancer by Fran Drescher. She also found out that an estrogen patch was common for her type of hysterectomy, but was able to alert the doctor that it had been put in the wrong place. Fran even made the lowest of low points so unexpectedly funny that I have to admire her. That might explain why the book is not consistent. And obviously, she wasn’t misdiagnosed, I’m just saying that this particular part of the book was strange for me.

Our beloved Fran Drescher, of Nanny fame, says that, despite her inclination to be tough and stand on her own, in her uterine cancer journey she found that she could and needed to lean on her friends for support.

I just finished this book in Januarythough I have known that she had cancer and has been an advocate for women’s health for years. Dec 17, Anca.

T rated it did not like it. Thanks for telling us about the problem.