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Help! Where can I find the complete manual? I have the original game but it only provided the short manual. I’ve tried to find it via a search machine on the web. I’ll pay any reasonably price for this game. Just ask and I’ll say yes or no depending on how much you are asking. I don’t know at this time how much i’m willing. Get this guide started! Think you’re an expert in Chessmaster Grandmaster Edition? Why not start up this guide to help duders just getting into.

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Chessmaster provides a strong chess opponent with openings and different types of dhessmaster 2D, 3D, and War Room. Plus, if you’re in a situation where networking a couple of PCs is easy, there’s 2-player LAN gaming too, so you can challenge your friends!

The editors wrote, “A chess game? What layout would you like?

In the Play section there’s an option to play in simulated tournaments at various skill levels. Are you a man?. For a skilled chess player, see Chess title. Please provide a valid price range. Customizable profile settings round out the game’s features. In its review of ChessmasterIGN said that “the series has always distinguished itself with first-rate chess teaching tools,” and welcomed the game’s “appeal towards inexperienced and mid-level players. Can’em with a cinema, bag’em with a supermarket, scoop’em with an ice cream parlour or hook’em with a fishmongers!

When the program starts up it will, if connected to the internet, invoke the Ubisoft Autopatch process. Board Games Filter applied. Having selected a game the player can step through it move by move. The cd-rom, case, rear case cover, manual and reference card are all in good to very good condition.


The game is narrated and instructed by Waitzkin, who appears on the top screen while players navigate and perform moves on the bottom screen. InPC Gamer UK named Chessmaster Turbo the 20th best computer game of all time, calling it the best of the series so far and accessible to all skill levels.

InComputer Gaming World found Chessmaster ‘ s features “the clear winners” over Sargon 4[14] in reported that Chessmaster had added “a lot” to its predecessors, with new tutorial features and a variety of computer opponents making the game “a truly impressive sequel”, [15] and in approved of Chessmaster Turbo ‘ s new AI “personalities” based on historical chess players.

This is for use on a PC Windows In this variation, up to 4 players can play doctor and travel to hospitals in 5 exotic locations and treat an impressive diversity of ailing patients. The personality feature has inspired many amateur computer chess enthusiasts to attempt to find more optimum personalities.

Chessmaster 10th edition – (pdf)manual – Chess Forums –

Retrieved 11 February Other features include The official Scrabble Words list. The genuine product shown will be dispatched. The 2D toggle in the lower chessmsster switches to this set of pieces. The latest version, Chessmaster 11th Edition, was released inand has lagged behind more current chess engines.

Chessmaster 10th edition – (pdf)manual

Make sure this is what you intended. Archived from the original on 7 February Buying format see all. Or Enter the URL for the video you want to embed. The Chess Puzzle Challenge section of the game offers another wide selection of modes, where players either practice or play on a timer to capture a specific piece, block an opposing check, find a saving piece, fork a king and another piece, pin pieces against one another, avoid an eminent checkmate and look for a checkmate that’s one move away.


GameSpot commented that ” Chessmaster has remained the consummate standard in console chess games since the ’80s.

An ELO rating is essentially the player’s chess prowess. Any questions please let me know: Here the player must move their chess piece so that it is attacking two or more peces. The player can learn from standard openings and can even open their own book.

IGN’s review of Chessmaster 10th Edition commented, “it simply doesn’t add enough over any of the last two versions to make it a necessary upgrade.

Players start with a rating of and this increases based on their percentage of wins, and the ELO rating of the AI opponents they beat. It will work on any computer in the world with the right set-up.

You can see in the photos that there is a mark on the front of the box. You can then choose to challenge the validity of words of other players, with a penalty attached. Grandmsater Sub-Genre see all.

The world renowned chess player, Vrandmaster has fascinated the chess world for many years. Delivery options see all. Online competition is noticeably missing. The front of the box details everything that this edition originally came with; the coins are missing unfortunately.

Play against up to 8 players on 1 computer. Item is in excellent near mint condition.

Chessmaster: Grandmaster Edition () screenshots – MobyGames

Up to six players can participate. When loaded the player must either use an existing user chessmasterr or create a new one.

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