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Learn about the active and inactive ports, connection diagrams, and other specifications of the Cisco Explorer HDC high definition receiver. Cisco HDC Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Cisco HDC Installation Reference Manual. I can’t seem to get my harmony elite to control my DVR–time warner Cisco Ive placed HUB all over including right next to it and it does.

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The available recording time has shrunk a lot since we got the box. This new box, For awhile the unplugging and plugging back in worked, but not anymore. At an earlier time, I had the same issue with the samsung, but it spontaneously resolved.

I purchased an IR extender as suggestedand plugged it into the IR port in the back of the box. Can I DVR a movie then download it to an external hard drive? Thanks in advance for whatever light you may be able to shed. This defeats the elegance of a single HDMI cable which is unfortunate. Or you can reboot the box by unplugging the power for 30 seconds and then rebooting it.

Thanks for sharing the info about the guide. I never get to the L: Using Cox cable with the HD. At present, it will only hold about 24 hours of programming. Is there any way to dim the brightness? Did you find any new info on this issue? Slingbox does not allow receivers as controllable devices. Or am I being denied service because my two year contract ended with Cox on this past Saturday July 25, ; but I am paid up until middle of August.


When I reboot 8742hfc unplugging the power the show starts recording but of course the show is now missing the first several minutes. The biggest problem I have is that some upper channels just quit coming in, usually overnight. Also if anyone has access to a manual, or any other documentation for this box please contact me. TWC finally realized how bad their guide is and hired a new dev team to work on Navigator program guide. Highlight power save mode and press select to toggle the sleep mode on, or off.

I had read on line that a possible solution was to have the hard drive for the CISCO box be configured as “always on” which is not the default.

Cisco HDC Manuals

Does anyone have any suggestions? The tech refused to tell me the remote keys to access the diagnostic. It then finished and the on-demand movie played. Also includes a new search and VOD portal which is cloud based. Since the repair of cisoc line, when ever it gets windy or the temperature changes quickly outside the box goes crazy and reboots itself.

That will fix it, but may not be a permanent fix. Got two new Cisco boxes.

This feature worked exceptionally well and seemed perfectly tuned for my reaction time when hitting the play button. It is necessary to kill the power for a reboot about every days. At least in this one way, we were better off in the old VCR days. Mono output no matter from which port. Sam, I just received a new HDC box today. My TWC remote has failed to communicate with the box.


Taking a Look Inside the Cisco 8742HDC Cable Box

Or add an expander? Google brought me here as csico of you posted about similar issues with theand possibly other Cisco units, not outputting true stereo over RCA.

This new guide might cause readability issues. I tried your method: Any ideas on how to fix?

On the remote press Settings. Cable company told me to call cisco and cisco tells me to call the cable company. Can the eSata port be turned cisci I have no idea what this means and Time Warner is no help at all.

Other providers may use different software that may or may not have this option. On recorded shows, I get sound dropouts that last seconds at about the same frequency. I had another problem that the TW technician confirmed to me. My TV remote can control the volume so I am not totally stuck. Hi sorry I jumped the gun, I was plugging the composite cable into the wrong input.