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Cowon S9 Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Cowon S9 User Manual. Cowon S9. User Guide. System Requirements: o Windows Operating System(s): XP, Vista o AudibleManager Version: or. Later o Mac Operating System(s). View the Users Manual for the COWON SYSTEMS model COWON-S9 Portable Multimedia Player SXV-COWON-S9. View the PDF file for free. No joining.

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Each band of the equalizer can be adjusted in detail. The battery will be fully charged in about 5 hours. Tap to view the text file. For your information, RESET will just disconnect the power and does mwnual damage the product or delete any files stored on the device. Sets the playback only to the currently selected file. Be sure to disconnect the power supply to the PC and USB power adaptor during lightening or thunder storm, to prevent danger to the user or the risk of fire hazards.

It is recommended that customers comply with the related laws and regulations. Please simply try again. Restores and enhances the harmonics lost through compression. Please set the correct mxnual to enable you to make the best use of the alarm and scheduled recording functions.

Sets the recording volume. The display will automatically turn off if no action is taken during the set time. Page 36 Lyrics LDB 1.


Cowon S9 Manuals

Straightening the earphone cable will result in better radio reception. Enriches the stereo sound. Before doing so, please make sure that the movie files play properly on the PC first. Manhal the selected video files in the list. How to upgrade the firmware 1.

The internal in the ID3 tag of the music file.

If you experience a frequent disconnection or unstable connectivity, connect the player directly to the USB port of the PC, rather than a separate USB hub. Mode selections Control the volume. Fast forwards the current file.

To maximize your digital entertainment experience, please read this manual carefully cpwon using the product.

Please back these files up to your PC for future reference. Changes the video screen size. Actual performance may differ. Upgrading it can enhance system stability and provide additional features. COWON S9 uses ultra-small internal microphone, so it may be more susceptible to noise during recordings. To maximize your digital entertainment manyal, please read this manual carefully before using the product.

Cowon S9 User Manual 41 pages. Remaining capacity of internal memory.

Skips to the next file. If turned on, lyrics will be displayed during the playback. Moves one level up from the current file selection mode. Sleep mode also eliminates the time consumed for initial booting. Volume Time Power options Play the selected file or pause the file being currently played.


Scheduled recording for FM Radio requires more battery power than usual. Sets the playback to the files in all folders. Registers the current channel to presets. Check the battery status before performing this function. Once paired, Bluetooth function will remain in operation even when the Setting mode is closed. MSC will recognize the device as mass storage device.

Cowon S9 Manuals

Be sure to have the Bluetooth headset in pairing mode. The actual capacity will be reduced from the original size because some space of the memory should be used as the system area for normal operation. Tap the list manuxl on the top left hand corner to show the browser.

Page 41 The internal in the ID3 tag of the music file.

Remaining capacity of internal memory. Don’t show me this message again. A JPG image file with the There may be a delay in synch between video and sound when playing certain kinds of high resolution movies.