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Doka Xtra. Dokaflex Load-bearing towers. – DOKA FORMWORK SYSTEMS. 2. The unbeatably fast table- form with the perfect fit. The manual system with. User information Dokaflex 5. – 07/ Ü. The Formwork Experts. Erecting the formwork. ○ Doka products and systems must be set up in. Download the catalogue and request prices of Dokaflex By doka italia.

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When lifting the equipment to the next storey, it is better to transport the floor props and the low- ering heads separately the floor props on their own can be stored much more space-savingly in the stacking pallet. Nevertheless, there is one thing that all construction projects have in common — and that is a basic structure with five stages.

An enterprise forming part of the Umdasch Group, the With more than sales and logistics facilities in over Doka Group employs a worldwide workforce of more 70 countries, the Doka Group has a highly efficient dis- than Lumen Profhetae Inn More.

Required These cookies ensure the basic functions of our website. Reference Refers to other documents and materials. Lay the primary beams and the clamping lever. The stripping process is very efficient and cost-optimised because it is defined.

CAN bus analysis with handheld device. Dokaflex slide rule: Step 2 Floor-slab formwork is lowered using the Doka Xtra head.

Modular formwork / metal / for floors – DOKAFLEX – DOKA FRANCE

For further information number of props etc. You can find more information on the use of cookies and opt-out options in our privacy statement.


A Tr Repositioning by forklift truck or pallet stacking truck A Slide-bolt for fixing the partition The forks can be inserted under either the broadside or the narrowside of the containers.

The edge railings must be mounted before the form- work sheets are laid out. Formwork drawings really can be as clear and detailed as this! In addition, Class B slippage – up to 4.

Contact supplier for price.

OK You can find more information on the use of cookies and opt-out options in our privacy statement. People also read Kemppi Arc System. This may lead to overloading, and only leads to an increase in the total deformation of less to the floor props being damaged. Tip Points out useful practical tips. Engineered Lightweight Modular Platform System. This helps us to guarantee the best possible performance of our website, especially the constant improvement of the functionality of our website analysis of the user visita smooth shopping experience when using the Doka online shop or the placement of suitable advertising for users on certain platforms.

Leave the correct amount of lowering play a! Use a suitable lifting chain e.

This makes for greater operational reliability, and cuts costs. However, the specific applications shown here, using the Beam forming support, are permitted. Doka Formwork Australia 18 items. They will thus supersede the DIN norms as the “Doka standard” for product design.

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Suitable products Floor props. Palmerston Hospital dokalex system application. For more information, please contact your Doka techni- cian. Secondary-beam stabiliser 1 Secondary-beam dookaflex 2 Advantages: In conjunc- tion with the Extension for beam forming support 60cm, exact height adjustment to within 1 cm is possible.


Optimisation of beam and prop spacings Max. Skip to main content. A safer, more efficient aeration system. Step 4 The primary beams are removed. Doka stacking pallet 1. Doka 4-part chain doiaflex. As a basic rule, it is forbidden to use formwork beams “horizontally” i. Spacing of primary beams Slab Spacing of Position of Beam thickness d secondary beams forming support 20 cm And wizards, so you can be sure of always getting the opti- your depot can make the best possible use of its stocks.

The load-bearing capacity will then Concrete-strength development — medium correspond to that of the 12-4 structure. When Doka stacking pallets are stacked, the bottom pallet must NOT be one with a bolt-on caster set mounted to it. Step 3 The secondary beams, and most of the formwork sheets, are removed. With the DoKart, the tables can easily be wheeled across to their next location by just one man working on his own.

Hand-Set System | Dokaflex 1-2-4

Secondary-beam spacing from table d You can import the automatically generated piece-lists into many other programs for further processing. In certain special situations, e. Rating plate must be in place and clearly leg- capacity. Two Stacking ing multi-trip packaging items: Doka Xtra head If the project requires early stripping, the Dokaflex timber-beam formwork system can be equipped with the Doka Xtra head.