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Promise of the Wolves: Wolf Chronicles Book One [Dorothy Hearst] on Amazon. com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Fantasy of wolves. A young wolf. Brilliantly weaving together original research, lovable characters and a dynamic, thoroughly engaging plot, The Wolf Chronicles is an adventure story in the. Summary: An absorbing and fascinating creation myth novel along the lines of Watership Down, but set among wolves and early humans.

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But when Kaala rescues a human child from drowning, primise breaks the first and oldest tenet of the promise of the wolves — never consort with humans– and sets in train a series of wolvws that threatens the very survival owlves her species. The press sheet likens it to both Watership Down and The Clan of the Cave Bearbut Michelle Paver’s Chronicles of Ancient Darkness series is perhaps a more contemporary reference point dogothy today’s younger readers. This is not an easy role for Kaala to assume, because it involves serious risk.

Dispatched from the UK in 3 business days When will my order arrive? Hearst’s writing is both tense and absorbing and happily the tje plot lines are all resolved by the end of the book, together with hints of more to come. Jan 16, Cait S rated it liked it. There are a lot of mysteries and a lot of prophecies, but the focus is on the inescapable pull between wolves and humans. Most of all, I need a narrator who believes in her story and its importance to the listener; who is so invested in the story that she will tell it in detail, in as much wolvew as little hurry as the scenes require to help me understand what it was like for her to experience them.

The reader watches Kaala grow up, and I think that is definitely part of why I became so involved with these characters. And yay for good characterization! Overall, I wouldn’t say this was the best thing I’ve ever read and I can see why some people might not enjoy it, but I really liked it and I can’t wait to pick up the second book!


Promise of the Wolves : Dorothy Hearst :

Promise of the Wolves is marketed to adults, but I found it more to be YA, maybe even childrens’ fiction. As a first novel it’s a neat accomplishment, one of which the author is deservedly proud.

I love Dorothy Hearst’s work. It can take you to a different world like no other genre owlves. This is a story of emotions, and social connections, and acceptance. That led me to a number of very generous researchers who were incredibly willing to share with me wolvez knowledge about wolves and about dogs.

I think if you like animal books, or a book about a pack of wolves perks your interest, I think you may enjoy this. Description Born of a forbidden, mixed-blood litter and an outcast after her mother is exiled, spirited young she-wolf Kaala is grudgingly permitted to join the Swift River wolf pack where she must fight to prove herself and survive against the odds.

She is strong, independent and stands up for what she believes in. Every visit to the library for almost a month, I looked at books two and three of the Wolf Chronicles Series that were on display. And the beginning of the book was also Every visit to the library for almost a month, I looked at books two and three of the Wolf Chronicles Series that were on display. She saves her and returns her to her home.

Sep 22, Mary Mackey rated it it was amazing. Book ratings by Goodreads.

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Kaala has a destiny, one that she’s not quite sure about, and she finds herself drawn to the humans that the pack have sworn to keep away from. Sep 20, Dale White rated it liked it. This book was really good. That glimpse into that life was my favorite part of the novel. As war looms between wolf and humankind, Kaala discovers the truth behind the promise of the wolves: Wolves on a trek avoiding humans is a pretty common theme, I find. Feb 17, Jessy crazyinlovewithbooks IG rated it it was amazing.

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Any concerns I had about a story about wolves holding my interest disappeared immediately.

The story of Indru came from my somewhat whimsical take on coevolution. The only reason I decided to read this series is because of the synopsis, which sounds exactly like this story I tried to write doorthy I was like nine.

At times I off my attention waning. Ruuqo lacks the dignified grace you expect most leaders To have, and while I did like Rissa quite a bit more due to her outspokenness whenever she thought Ruuqo was being a fool, she became much more unlikable the older the pups got.

I found the story incredibly boring at times, almost to the point where I wanted to nod heearst while driving in my daily commute. Lies that force her to choose between safety for herself and her friends and the survival of her packā€”and perhaps of all wolf- and humankind. That isn’t a criticism of the book but, if you are like me, it is a warning.

A review of the author’s website held no hints of further novels Hearst’s characters are absolutely wonderful – each of them has their own flaws and weaknesses and promose are believable; there are no Mary Sue wolves. Wolf pups don’t receive their names until they emerge from their den and are inspected by the leader of the pack.