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Dragonwyck (Rediscovered Classics) [Anya Seton, Philippa Gregory] on Amazon .com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. First published in Of course it initially caught my eye for its rather hideous s cover, but then I realised that it was by Anya Seton, who wrote Katherine, which. Dragonwyck Summary & Study Guide includes detailed chapter summaries and analysis, quotes, character descriptions, themes, Dragonwyck by Anya Seton.

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As Dr Turner leaves, wondering what caused such a sudden death, Nicholas asks Miranda to marry him. He is no Sir Thomas, and certainly no Edmund Bertram. Unlike her brothers and sister she has always been a dreamer, caught up in tales of knights and ladies and fluttering romance: Strong PG or mild PG Nicholas is a monster in both the film and the book but the dragnwyck offers a depth behind his actions. Later, the center section of the boat bursts into flames and he carries Miranda to safety.

The male characters were much better developed and interesting, the sociopathic Nicholas van Ryn and the rough, heroic young doctor.

Dragonwyck Summary & Study Guide

After I read that, I wondered if Gregory and I read the same book. Dressed in satin and lace, she becomes part of Dragonwyck, with its Gothic towers, flowering gardens, acres of tenant farms, and dark, terrible secrets.

The wife, being overweight, is despised remember this is the s when food was scarce but she is soon dispatched, and Miranda finds that her hero is perhaps not such a hero after all. I confess I was even sucked a little in this atmosphere ;- Anya Seton wrote in the way that I felt like I was been with characters, like I was felt fear with them.

Dragonwyck is a gothic romance in the vein of Jane Eyre, dravonwyck set in America just before the Civil War. His final scenes came up as a surprise After he returns from the war, Jeff finds himself summoned to Dragonwyck when Nicholas appears at his door to ask his help, and a baby boy is born the following morning. It also shows how a person can try to be redeemed. Her father is a good if overly religious dragonwykc stern man, her mother perpetually weary, and her siblings see nothing wrong with the drudgery of farm life.


Into that setting comes the beautiful Miranda, distant cousin to Nicholas a wealthy patroon who while moody, is of course handsome and debonaire. I will never be a victim and to read of someone willingly, and blindly, overlooking the warning signs from their dragpnwyck, thus remaining a victim to that partner’s whims, is absolutely abhorrent to me.

Seton’s impeccable research gives the Hudson Valley estate a realistic backdrop. And I suppose its knowing that there’s really people like this that takes it out of the realm of what I would term enjoyable “escapism fiction”.

Jubilee Trail Gwen Bristow. The servants are cold and standoffish towards her. I was also bothered by dragonwyk number of authors that are trotted out, Fenimore Cooper, Herman Melville, Edgar Allen Poe; for no reason whatsoever. I wasn’t very sure I was going to like her, but slowly she became a much stronger woman, someone definitely more interesting. The Doomed City Arkady Strugatsky. As dfagonwyck story moves on, Nicholas’s true mental state and his thirst for power become evident.


Overall, this is Miranda’s story and her journey and her development as a character and woman made the read worth while. Open Preview See a Problem? This is definitely a keeper! Needless to say, a leopard doesn’t setom its spots, just because, probably especially because, it has now married a beautiful woman with no will power and a talent for making up agreeable fantasies about said leopard’s spotty ways.

Dragonwyck: Anya Seton – The Idle Woman

But she also finds a household whose nerves are stretched to breaking point, and haunted by the van Ryn family history, and her arrival — innocent though it may be — becomes the catalyst for tragedy. At the Fourth of July celebration, Miranda finds herself dancing with Nicholas, as she had hoped to do, when a guest falls on the slippery floor and the music comes to an end for her.

This article needs additional citations for verification. Retrieved from ” https: Rather his psychosis manifests in ever-increasing bouts of violence with no sense of planning or logic, however twisted that logic might be.


I knew next to nothing about the middle 19th century New York and the Dutch community. In this story you follow Miranda Wells. The Snail on the Slope Arkady Strugatsky. Perhaps, but I think that would have been a better end to our couple.

Dragonwyck by Anya Seton

And yet, he is still as powerful and handsome as ever, and he’s still quite attractive to the heroine, which makes the story all the more horrifying. Miranda is rescued by Nicholas, but he dies trying to save other passengers from the steamboat. Jan 29, Chaitra rated it liked it Shelves: So why did I have the author and title written down when I went to the library?

The book focuses on Miranda Wells: This book has excited me to pick up more of Anya Seton’s works. If you like dark, traditional gothic think Jane Eyretwisted love stories with psychopath husbands, then this is the book to read. Once at Dragonwyck, Miranda never fits in there. Nicholas’ corpulent and lazy wife, Johanna, sees Miranda as a threat, and tries to keep her from her husband.

And the death of Zelie -?? I don’t mind melodrama. I had a vague recollection of reading a post about it at some point but I couldn’t remember where or when and certainly couldn’t remember any details. Wildfire at Midnight Mary Stewart. She pays the price for her luxury lifestyle and grows up a lot in the course of the book.

Get Dragonwyck from Amazon. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. I gave this four stars simply because about pages out from the ending I felt like the book became really slow and the last 40 pages the momentum picked back up for me.