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So even if you can’t get inside the drum, there’s still a lot you can “I use a three- microphone technique on bass drum,”. Of all acoustic instruments, drums and percussion instruments seem the most elusive to capture with a compelling sound. Pop recordings are. First is the dynamic mic, which will often be used on the snare, bass drum and sometimes on the toms. A dynamic mic functions just like a.

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This is therefore a great way to combat some of the problems that plague live drum recording in home or project studios:.

The Wonderful World Of Microphone Techniques For Drums – ProSoundWeb

Now For Something Completely Different Once you have a mikin balance of the kit with your first mic, things get a bit interesting. The choice of mics and their placement around the kit can have a massive impact upon the recorded sound and, while there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to mic placement and choices, here we’ll look at some of the most popular options for getting quick techjiques easy results.

Many records have been made with cheaper mics. A single pair of multipattern condenser microphones can provide at least five distinct overhead drum miking choices with surprisingly different sonic characteristics.

Could it be only me or does it give the impression like some of the comments come across like left by brain dead visitors? You can usually get a good overall mikig balance if tecgniques go for a symmetrical placement where the microphone is the same distance in front of the bass drum as it is off the ground. If the kit and drummer is worth it you may want better. We never share your information dgum outside companies, so if you receive email from other audio companies, it isn’t because you subscribed with us.


What you will however lack is some obvious low end punch to the kick and some fatness to the snare. Early Motown music, bebop, classic rock, and more recent productions by the Black Keys and the White Stripes all feature a sonic landscape containing the raw power of the drumset considered as a single instrument existing in a real space. The M-S technique, like Tehcniques, ensures mono compatibility.

So I assume the same principle applies if you are using a mic.

Alexandre on September 12, techniquss 3: Retrieved April 30,from Recording Revolution: I use this method mainly for recordings that sound more or less vintage.

When panned, these two microphones alone should give you a completely balanced, clear, and punch stereo recording of your kit.

But move things around, experiment, change it up.

The Glyn Johns Drum Recording Method

AB arrays can produce a wide stereo image, simply because drums or cymbals very near one of the two microphones will be perceived to come from only that side of the stereo field. Glyn Johns recommmends not hard panning the drums — but putting them just off centre.

Today, Davida is a Corporate Public Relations Manager, responsible for public relations activities, sponsorships, and donation programs that intersect with Shure at the corporate and tecgniques level. This technique works especially well for jazz and acoustic music where you want a realistic but not hyped representation of the drumset. About Graham Cochrane My name is Graham Cochrane and I’m the founder of The Recording Revolution, one of the world’s most loved audio recording and mixing blogs with overreaders each month.


The Glyn Johns Drum Recording Method – Recording Revolution

Experiment here, as varying this distance will raise or lower the ambience of the final drum sound. A dynamic mic functions just like a speaker, only in reverse, with the movement of the diaphragm in turn moving a coil in relation to a magnet, creating an electrical signal. This means that I get as big and fat a sound as possible without over-compressing or over-equalizing unless of course the producer wants a certain level of grunge, squash and EQ styling.

It should be pointing down at the kit. The XY or coincident pair approach wins points for its guaranteed mono compatibility. Submit a Comment Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

Will let you know how it sounds.

Five Techniques for Stereo Miking Drums

Will Gaines on September 12, at 2: So by accident, stereo drums were begat. Rediscovering Rudiments by Miguel Monroy. Tune your kit so that everything sounds in balance miknig you play in the room. Graham on February 27, at Avoid phase coherency problems with kick and snare by keeping them centered between the OH mics.

Pinch the string together at the point where it touches the mic above the snare, so that both legs of the string are techiques. Jim Ash on July 22, at 2: