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Hi,. I think it used to work with Google Drive until about 5 years ago. I had a blogpost on my blog showing the caffeine molecule in Jmol as proof. The export to web function in Jmol automatically generates some simple web pages that display views you design within the Jmol application. You can edit the . My apologies for the vague question. A few clarifications on what I would like to do: Google Sites () is a free website hoster and editor.

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I am running Mac OS X Actually I wasn’t using Google Drive.

Jmol Tutorial Template : Home Page

Here is what I have at the moment:. The pdb file for the 3-Isopropylmalate dehydrogenase 1A Table of Contents Testing results. This is not so straightforward as the former, and is described in the “interactive scripting documentation” see Jmol home page.

I guess Google Drive creates the same problem. FirstGlance in Jmol uses the unsigned applet by default, but the signed applet will be used when that “Advanced Option” is checked.

Considerably more challenging to use than Proteopedia, but you have more control and the product tutorial is more user friendly. See Jmol JavaScript Object for more details.


This section describes how to set up a simple Jmol demonstration site in an S3 bucket. Jmol Application ‘s Export to Web Page: For more detailed documentation on RasMol scripting see http: You will only need to learn a tiny bit of wikitext markup, for which convenience buttons and help are provided.

Molecular visualization websites

For this to work, the Jmol applet code must be reside in the web site that serves pages containing Jmol images. If you still want to use it, you can get it individually from the Jmol repository.

With the exception of a few wrapper classes, the Jmol Applet code is shared with the Jmol Application. Using buttons to call javascript methods, each of which is driving a jmol animate script. Installing and Enabling Java Proteopedia wiki. A more detailed tutorial and some older packages are available at Jmol Web Page Maker.

Neither does Safari which is based upon Konqueror. This is a link to page 1.

Page 2: Embedding Jmol Images

If you just want a change to the signed version of the same applet, this shortcut notation may be used: However, with the applet you do not have the feedback of the script command window. I want to generate a gVCF file using Google tools and in order to use that a modified version of Example of S3 bucket used as an image gallery: Note it is easy to lose these settings when re-uploading a new version of a file.


The Jmol applet didn’t load either. I’m trying to embed a protein structure viewer applet into my blogger page whilst hosting the files required in my google drive all the files below are shared as public. I’m struggling to install Breakdancer. However, if you need to change this:.

The LiveConnect layer provides the data and method conversion interface between the JavaScript world and the Java world. Borrowed JSmolor running JSmol without your own server. Although this isn’t obvious, the molecule that is being shown in the applet can be saved to local disk jmpl from the unsigned applet unless the model was loaded inline, in which case this technique fails.

Regardless of how your scene is created, it will be saved as a Jmol state script.