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Isolasi Enzim Bromelin dalam Bentuk Serbuk dari Buah Nanas. Upload by Kusnadi – April 10, – viewes. ABSTRAK. Pineapple fruit preferred by people. Bromelain adalah enzim protease yang ditemukan dalam nanas (Ananas comosus) yang termasuk dalam keluarga tanaman Bromeliaceae. Potensi Enzim Bromelin Sari Buah Nanas (Ananas comosus L.) Dalam Protein Pada TahuPotensi Enzim Bromelin Sari Buah Nanas.

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The enzyme bromelain may also be used in the production of fish soy sauce and used as a supplement. The purpose of this research is to isolate bromelain enzyme from pineapple and to compare yield and activity of the bromelain enzyme as product from organic solvent ractionation, salt precipitation, and membranes separation. Biokimia Protein, Enzim dan Asam Nukleat.

Home Archives Vol 6 No 1 Enzymes in Food Processing. Tofu is one of processed soybeans that have a high nutritional value and low price. Universitas Negeri Medan [12].

The bromelain enzyme in pineapple is widely available. The data obtained were then analyzed statistically by multiple linear regression test.


Pineapple fruit preferred by people, because it is have sweet to fresh sour taste and contains quite nutrients. The experimental design for this research was randomized block design with 2 factors.

Buha increase effectiveness in its use, there should be a process of isolation to get the pure enzyme bromelain.

Downloads Download data is not yet available. Gizi, Teknologi dan Konsumen.

Fuziah Sulaiman blog: Perihal Enzim protease dalam Nenas – BROMELAIN

Vol 6 No 1 Abstract Tofu is one of processed soybeans that have a high nutritional value and low price. With this value of activity, the product of this research fulfills the standard quality of the enzyme bromelain which is used as a supplement. The parameter used in this research include is Smooth Cayenne which had been ripe; ratio of feed and acetone 1: Pineapple can be consumed as fresh fruit or be processed to some kind of food or beverage such as jam, syrup, and sticky pineapple.


You may do enaim in any reasonable manner, but not in any way that suggests the licensor endorses you or your use. One of the protease enzyme which is commonly used in the food industry is bromelain enzyme.


Apa Enzim Bromelain? 12 Manfaat & 4 Efek Samping Bromelain

VII 3pp. Besides that, pineapple usually used as meat tenderizer because it contains bromelain enzyme, which is protease enzyme that can hydrolyze proteins.

Rusnakova M and Jaroslav Z. The purpose of this study was to determine the effect of the bromelain enzyme from pineapple juice to protein content by examining the enzyme concentration and incubation time to get the best protein content. Levels of protein in tofu can be enhanced by enzymatically.

Isolasi Enzim Bromelin dalam Bentuk Serbuk dari Buah Nanas

Based on the results of research can be suggested that bromelin enzyme from pineapple juice can be used to increase protein content in tofu. Toggle Navigation Itenas Library. This research was quation experiment.

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