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Confiram a resenha de [email protected]!! Fresquinha lá no blog 😉 http:// html. Opinião Young-Adult: “[email protected]” de Therese Fowler. janeiro 03, Mafi 3 Comments. Neste livro temos um “Romeu e Julieta” do século XIX. A capa. Free Shipping. Buy O escândalo do petróleo e Georgismo e comunismo – eBook at

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Thanks for [email protected] us about the problem. Crammed full of one-dimensional characters and improbable situations, Exposure is positively ridiculous.

Mas devem ser eles considerados predadores sexuais quando mantem um relacionamento?

O Assassinato De Roger Ackroyd Agatha Christie

Sep 25, Patricia Williams rated it really liked it. I love that in a book and Exposure is packed full of internal debate for the reader and it’s presented [email protected] a way that you just can’t put the book down and when you finish you cannot stop thinking about the characters and the issues. Will look forward to another book by this author.

Michele Diniz rated it liked it Dec 20, Diana Costa added it Jul 05, Want to Read saving…. These charges, when in written form, look ugly and will place a lovesick 18 year old boy squarely on the sex offender’s registry.

Return to Book Page. I mean I picked it up and I thought wow that’s such an interesting idea What he DID livrk by [email protected] is that 1 he would hire an attorney and never trust a public defender again and 2 liro talk to the police. This was picked for my Ladies Book Club and I really enjoyed this book. I won an ARC on goodreads.


Fowler writes an amazing novel, artfully describing the process of teenagers falling in love, sneaking around, their first sexual experience, how the pictures came to be, and how they are discovered. And everything unravels from there. Aug 01, DaYukie rated it it was ok.

Biblioteca Kurt added it Jan 08, And if you read the book you will see what I mean by almost. May 01, Nancy rated it it was amazing. Also the look at a genteel southern [email protected] versus a single mother who is a transplant to the area.

She, however, wants something else she want to study art, not business and she and Anthony have [email protected] to move to New York City together after graduation and attend NYU.

Exposure by Therese Anne Fowler

I would be worried about the fact that I was about to be labeled a sex offender Their relationship was an open secret in school–their friends know as well as Kim Winter, Anthony’s mother, who was a teacher at the school–but Amelia’s strict parents do not know. He is completely dehumanized and it is apparent that “innocent until proven guilty” is a misnomer. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

On the other hand I hated and still hate romeo and juliet cause it’s just dumb. I would have liked to have read more, from Amelia and Anthony’s point’s of view. I plowed through this in two days. Fowler has been through a situation similar to the storyline of the book and she makes this plain to anyone interested in the book. Written for people who claim that they “don’t like to read”, Jodi Picoult fans, and teenage girls in the mood for “outrage lite”.


The rest of the book explores the consequences of sexting. E o livro preocupa-se muito com este aspecto. Probably not and it is easy to judge from afar.

ESCÂNDALO!!! by Tammy Luciano

Nevertheless, the pace of the story can be quite slow at some points, making it hard to keep the reader interested in those parts. It is easy to judge until I look at the pictures on my own cell phone of my brand new nephew, still slimy from his little trip through the birth canal. It seemed every page I turned something new cropped up and I was enthralled. Wouldn’t it be more logic the other way around?

On that spectrum this is much more romeo and juliet than jailbait, as far as I could tell livrl has absolutely no relationship to reality whatsoever. Feb 20, Jackie rated it it was amazing. It This book packs in a lot–several different versions of parental dilemmas, teenage love, lust, social media, cell phone cameras and texting, the law, and more. He was encouraged to plead “No Contest” and take his punishment.

The constant references livor a certain play made the ending somewhat predictable, if not an exact replica. View all 8 comments.