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Version abbreviationEVRK 2 red. Valid from, Valid until, Download classification PDF XLS XML. Version abbreviationEVRK red. The classification used is: NACE 2 red. Classification of Economic Activities of the European Community. EVRK 2 red. Ekonominės veiklos rūšių klasifikatorius. EVRK, in press: Ekonominės veiklos rūšių klasifikatorius (EVRK), 2 redakcija. Retrieved from: /klasifik /EVRK/

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The law provides that the office of the SE must be in the EU territory, in the same state where it has its headquarters — its permanent governing body location. Regulations and legislation do not set minimum capital limit of the EEIG.

UAB mandatory management bodies are general shareholders meeting and head of administration. Each KB founder must become a member. Therefore, the partners establishing this type of a company, must prepare the agreement very thoroughly. Small partnership is a limited liability private legal entity. Law on Associations of the Republic of Lithuania sets procedures of management, operation, reorganization and liquidation evek associations.

KB assets are segregated from the assets of its members. Comandite partners cannot participate in the management of a partnership, i. From the date of registration of legal entities EEIG can register their name, to have all the rights and obligations, to conclude agreements and to perform other legal actions.

Incorporation agreement is a public document.

Mažeikių turizmo ir verslo informacijos centras | LEGAL FORMS OF ENTERPRISES

Its members contribute funds to form its capital, share risks and benefits according to the goods and services turnover in the company, and actively participate in the management of the KB. Company is a limited liability legal entity. As for the number of members of the EEIG must consist of at least: The EEIG does not pay income tax, and its performance taxation is transferred to the participants. European Economic Interest Grouping is a ervk legal entity, which aims to help its members to pursue or expand economic activity, to achieve better performance, but its purpose is not to make profits.


Unlimited liability companies are liable for their obligations over the company assets, i.

Partnerships in Lithuania may be of two legal forms types: KB shall consist of evro 5 members and has a name. Each shareholder in a company has rights equivalent to the shares of the company owned.


EEIG incorporation agreement must contain: The company is leading its activities based on its Articles of Association, which is its major legal document. Any natural and legal persons from the Republic of Lithuania and abroad may become members of a KB. The official address must be in the EU. Sole proprietorship and general partnerships are considered as unlimited liability companies, however, all other forms types of enterprises are limited liability companies.

Formal SE feature — the name of a company begins or is followed by the abbreviation SE. The number of founders is not limited.

Central Classification Database – Oficialiosios statistikos portalas

Constituent assembly approves the joint-stock company statutory report, elects audit company, elects members of management bodies, solves other general meeting issues. As founders of company natural and legal persons may act, both from the Republic of Lithuania, and abroad. When intending to set up a business in Lithuania, first decide what legal form of enterprise is the most suitable to achieve the goals of your company. Public institutions may be founded by natural and legal persons from the Republic of Lithuania wvrk abroad.


Incorporation and operating basis of a partnership is its joint venture agreement.

KB founders must consist of at least 5 natural and or legal entities. According to the management form approved in its Articles of Association, the SE can be controlled in accordance with a two-tier or one-tier management system.

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SE may be formed in one of four possible ways: Starting from the moment of registration the company is considered incorporated and acquires the rights of a legal entity. Small partnership may have from 1 to 10 partners natural persons.

In private limited liability companies audit shall be carried out, evrm if they satisfy at least two of the following: Sales revenues in excess of 3.

A Co-operative company KB is a jointly owned enterprise engaging in the production or distribution of goods or the supplying of services, operated by its members for their mutual benefit, typically economic, social and cultural, established by natural and or legal persons according to the laws.

AB authorized capital shall not be less than 40 thousand Evrm. A partnership may include from 2 to 20 partners. Any natural and legal persons of the Republic of Lithuania and from abroad, who have legally purchased at least one share of this company become shareholders of a company.