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Imitation of Life has ratings and 40 reviews. Graceann said: If you haven’t seen either the or versions of Imitation of Life, this review w. Brief biography of Fannie Hurst (), American novelist best known for Imitation of Life. Hugely successful in her time, yet no longer. Imitation of Life struck a chord in the s, and it continues to resonate powerfully Fannie Hurst was a major celebrity in the first half of the twentieth century.

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Who can watch the film without crying at one or several points? Both the novel and films have remained deeply embedded in the American consciousness.

You must obtain permission directly from the owner of the image. Sirk provided the Annie—Sarah Jane relationship in his version with more screen time and more intensity than the original imitatlon of the story.

Imitation of Life

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: As black women I understand the pain that Sarah-Jane went through not saying that I lief want to be black. Those other relationships, with the exception of her dad who didn’t make it to the book, were more prominent in both versions of the movie.

Your email address will not be published. And, the way Delilah was written, with all the awful dialect, was hard to understand. Your Friends Email Address: The deeper I got into the book, though, the more I felt that, in comparison with some modern books and especially movies, Imitation of Life gives its African-American characters more depth than many modern portrayals, which are often little more than more acceptable stereotypes which in no way excuses the racism in Imitation of Life.


Ive seen both versions but the version got to me the most. I thought the movie imitatiln tar baby I wanted to see how the novel differed from the films, and now I have. If you get a chance see the old film with Lana Turner and Sandra Dee Peola is not believable either: Refresh and try again.

We cannot put the full blame on her.

Imitation of Life – Fannie Hurst – Google Books

Dec 19, Jacqueline Adams rated it it was ok. Bea Pullman is a very young widow and mother forced to make her own way in the world after her husband dies.

Description A bestseller inand subsequently adapted into two beloved and controversial films, Imitation of Life has played a vital role in ongoing conversations about race, femininity, and the American Dream. That is why the white savior trope is so popular.

Hurst helped sponsor Hurston in her first year at Barnard College and employed Hurston briefly as an executive secretary.

Jun 24, Elyce Mann rated it it was ok. Having no heirs, she left half of her estate to her alma mater, Washington University, and the other half to Brandeis University. Ships same or next business day! The daughter feels the struggle as “passing” for white is much more reasonable than to disclose her true identity as an African American since they are shunned in society.

Oct 11, Rick rated it it was amazing. Through Peola, Hurst sheds light on the mysterious aspects of back story. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed.

Mon Aug 24th by abagond.

Pullman” chain to marry Flake. But here’s the thing: You make it sound that hudst is necessary to write a book or make a film so that it can resonate with white audiences. In the film Peola, named Sarah Jane, gets more of a storyline so we find out more about her, but she and her mother are still the same two stereotypes, although less extreme and more believable.


Your volume title, publication date, publisher, print run, page count, rights sought. In the end she sees the error of her ways and comes home to make up with her mother — only to find that her mother has just died! Bea Huest, a white single mother, and her African American maid, Delilah Johnston, also a single mother, rear their daughters together and become business partners.

Create a reading live or add to an existing list. Nov 15, Talea Miranda rated it it was amazing. The book was adapted twice as film, in and Bea Chipley is a quiet, imitatioj, Atlantic City teenage girl whose mother dies, leaving her to keep house for her father Mr.

Imitation Of Life by Hurst, Fannie

The book is only okay, not nearly as good as the movie. One has to prepare themselves to read novel in which are a reflection of one’s history and experience as minority or disenfranchised member of any society whether be as a woman, person of color, mentally, physically or economically disabled etc. The book also going on and on imitatioj Bea’s work, which got to be a little laborious after a while.

And the dialect is dreadful.

Though she may seem insignificant as the archetypal tragic mulatta, she is really a complex character, serving a purpose in exploring how racism imutation interconnected with emergence of feminism.

First, however, we are treated to several chapters on her confusion as to how babies are made, and to the abusive treatment doled out to her by her ridiculous father.