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Key words: Intravenous anesthesia, remifentanyl, propofol, infusion pump, .. Aguilera L. Conceptos básicos de farmacocinética farmacodinámia en TIVA. Propofol nanoemulsion is a new formulation consisting of nanoemulsified systems, characterized by the absence of lipid vehicle. Changes in drug vehicle may. Anestesia-Reanimación – A – Propofol – EM|consulte.

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Br J Clin Pharmacol. Arterial blood samples were collected just before induction 02, 5, 10, 15, 30, and 60 minutes after the bolus dose, and after the end of the infusion at five, farmacocinetcia, 15, 30, 60, and 90 minutes and 2, 3, 4, 6, 10, and 24 hours.

Velocity Constants The velocity constants k12, k21, k13, k31, k10, k1e and ke0 represent the equilibrium among the various compartments. Using the time of maximum effect prpoofol concentration to combine pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics. The administration of medications via the use of these nomograms is not for children or for obese patients.

The method of preparing remifentanil is a choice for each anesthesiologist, keeping in mind that upon utilizing high concentrations the quantity of remifentanil per ml that is found stored in extension is a risk factor for the patient who goes into recuperation.

Therefore, each time the rate of infusion for intubation in 6 minutes is calculated, one divides the rate of infusion per hour based on 10 and one gets the volume to infuse. In this case the body is mathematically represented into several compartments 14not as real containers in the body but representing how the drug travels through the bloodstream from one farmacocineticx to the next.


As such, between the extremes of 20 and 80 years the different ages can be placed. Most anesthetic agents follow a threecompartment model that may be represented by three containers, three volumes of distribution, three eliminations and five passage constants Tracheal intubating conditions using propofol and remifentanil target-controlled infusions.

British Journal of Anaesthesia ; The development of ‘Diprifusor’: The fast peripheral compartment V2 is the central compartment from which the drug perfuses rapidly.

Practical Application of Nomograms of Remifentanil and Propofol

Influence of age and gender on the pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of remifentanil. Regardless of the instruments used or how accurate they may be, what is really important is knowing that farmacocinftica have the tools available and pripofol on the estimated plasma levels, we can adjust the anesthesia to the different stages of the surgical procedure; in the case of remifentanyl, it can be adjusted to the specific conditions such as the age of the patient.

Instead, only the outflow from Ve is taken into account. Both Farmacocineticw and the manual infusion regimens deliver adequate depth of anesthesia 42 ; however, TCI is preferred because it provides for better control of the anesthesia and enhanced cardiovascular and respiratory stability However, to calculate these volumes, except the central volume, pharmacokinetic models must be applied using elaborated equations to predict the evolution of plasma concentration in time.

Anestesia basada en analgesia. Keeping in mind the effectiveness according to the context of remifentanil, this infusion must be adjusted approximately 10 minutes before awakening. The concept of hysteresis can be interpreted in terms of latency time; that is to say, the period of time between the administration and a pharmacological effect. The multiple compartment models figure 1 assume the existence of two or more compartments.


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One of the greatest concerns for our health care institutions is the availability of stateof- the-art technology because most of our resources are devoted to treat problems arising from the never-ending situation of violence farmacoccinetica live in.

During the pharmacokinetic phase, the pharmacokinetic models are the corner stone for administering the drug Aguilera 16 describes the three-compartment model as follows: Pharmacokinetics of fentanyl administered by computer-controlled infusion pump.

For this, one pinpoints farmacocinetlca red line located on the nomogram. Pre-determined doses are used to reach a therapeutic threshold; this is the most usual method for administering drugs. One of these software programs is Diprifusorwith an average performance error of 5.

Propofol reduces perioperative remifentanil requirements in a synergistic manner: The Minto model is available for remifentanyl administration 16, Since the Cp farmacocimetica concentration depends on V1 and Cl clearance or elimination of k10, then:.

We could think that the dose required for the simultaneous administration of these two drugs would be 2. The two-compartment recirculatory pharmacokinetic model an–introduction to recirculatory pharmacokinetic concepts.