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Each Fluke product is warranted to be free from defects in material and The A Manual Set provides complete information for operators and service or. Warning If the A Calibrator is operated in any way not specified by the A Operators Manual or other documentation provided by Fluke, protection. View and Download FLUKE A operator’s manual online. Multi-Product Calibrator. A Test Equipment pdf manual download.

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AC Current Calibration Steps.

Fluke a – Sc Multi-product Calibrator | eBay

Program the Calibrator Mainframe to output the wave type and voltage listed in Table Allow the PM reading to stabilize, then record the PM reading for each period listed for the Calibrator Mainframe. Leveled Sinewave Function Verification: Also see the ERR? For example, for a voltage output of 2. Test the High current function. Fluke does not warrant that software will be error free or operate without interruption.

General Specifications Warmup Time Twice the time since last warmed up, to a maximum of 30 minutes. High Frequency Verification This procedure provides an example of testing high frequency flatness using a 5. Page A Operator Manual Note At voltage outputs of volts and above nominalyou may notice a slight high-pitched sound. The factory default is 4.

Testing Harmonics Amps Performance Adjusting the Edge Aberrations for Board A If the Main CPU is still installed, there will be one more cable. Program the Calibrator Mainframe to output the pulse width and period at 1 V as listed in Table You can have the A source a dc maunal below 1. Verify source preference is Removing the Keyboard and Accessing the Output Block To remove the keyboard and access the output block, proceed as mnaual You should recalibrate at the end of either a day or 1-year calibration interval.


If not, adjust R on A The A should display approximately 1.

Repeat steps 4 and 5 for all of frequencies listed in Table A row of test points is provided in front of the fan for the raw and regulated supplies. If a A Amplifier is attached, A current can also be sourced through the A binding posts. Program the Calibrator Mainframe output for 5. The default setting is 25 mV 1 MHz.

C Apply power sensor correction factor for present frequency W: FR A7 Shunt amp fault 3. Measure the baseline of each output after the corresponding topline measurement.

Page gluke Output values or potential output values if in standby are displayed using up to seven digits plus a polarity sign.

Thermocouple Measurement Accuracy The Thermocouple Measurement Accuracy test checks the internal temperature reference. Page Overlapped Coupled Error flukf Return the first error code contained in the A Calibrator error queue, then removes that error code from the queue. Lift out the Filter PCA.

Fluke 5500A/COIL Calculator User Manual

Verification at 1 MO. Using exactly 10 Mthe nominal value is 9.

Input Impedance Mode Resistance. Wave Generator Verification at 1 MO. For the A, the floor specification is combined with fixed range errors in one term to determine total uncertainty. The A Service Manual includes: Remove the two rear handles by removing the six Allen screws from the handles.


Verification at 50 Q. The parts lists give the following information: High Mmanual Flatness Verification at mV Compensation refers to methods of connecting the A to the UUT to cancel out test lead resistance.

FLUKE 5500A Operator’s Manual

AC Current Use 5500q Fluke A or equivalent with the appropriate precision shunts and adapter to measure the A output. The calibrator simulates both thermocouples, simplifying testing and calibration.

The leveled sine wave signal is passed from the A50 board to the on-board attenuator assembly. Enter the actual 50 pF capacitance.

Thermocouple Measuring Accuracy The Thermocouple Measuring Accuracy test checks the accuracy of the thermocouple measuring circuitry. Verification at 50 O. There are two SC boards currently available, and each requires separate aberration adjustment procedures; thus certain procedure headings include specific part numbers. Enter into the A the measured flhke of each step listed in Table maanual prompted to do so. Adjust the sine wave settings in the Output Display according to the calibration recommendations in your oscilloscope manual.

Compensation is available for capacitances of nf and above. The method of calculation is best shown in the following examples using day specifications: