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Results 1 – 50 gg. RSS: Involved Subbers gg. expand all. +. Ep · Title · Subber · File Size. Quality. Video · Audio. All too frequently, I’ll see a fansub with: * One Join us on Discord! -anime . Even when the video is H with soft subs, why wouldn’t it make . That’s how they’re handled with the His and Her Circumstances DVDs, and also some Ayakashi: Japanese Classic Horror and Mononoke subs I. First episode by gg-fansubs: %5BC52A64B9%5D. torrent Worth to notice that the first episode was aired Friday.

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I keep forgetting its the new year comin up and then somethin happens to remind me. And although I didn’t expect the Monk to survive, I’m happy he did. Kaiser-Eoghan But that direction and those character interactions were good, but as it stands I feel like I only got half of what I wanted. Let us begin, but not at the beginning. Saturday, October 9, at Anonymous Namely that the show skipped over so much, including the other prisoner stories and arcs in order to get to Abashiri, that this could give them an excuse to cover them, given that fxnsubs don’t have enough material moving forward for a season 3.

The third, Bakeneko, is an original story.

Kaiser-Eoghan At first I didn’t even notice it was a message. And together it’s still one cour anyway. Kaiser-Eoghan I watched the first Patlabor film, thematically oshii was going places in parts with it and I liked the twist, it had good animation for its time aswell, though the fansjbs one was more arty, political, obtuse.


Seems not a lot of people are watching this series.

Note that even if you do not have an account, you can still be banned. Saturday, December 11, at HorribleRaws would eventually became the HorribleSubs we all know and love; yet another project from the gg Illuminati.

The first was great, as the plot finally started to move forward […]. There are probably a bunch of other good movies. TV Serie – Episodes 11 Source: During the Edo period, the daughter of a family of samurai dies under mysterious circumstances, just before getting married. Fansub groups die, they revive and they release stuff on irregular schedules all the time, and nobody makes much noise about it.

I read the qyakashi the moment they come out.

Ayakashi – Japanese Classic Horror () (11/11) *Complete* – The Rostrum

Excessive uploads will result in an account ban. Someone has to keep the rest of the world from getting even more crazier than it is now. Filed Under fagsubbing trolling. Anonymous Obviously they will create their own narrative and royally damage the fandom.

Still waiting to have 1. Do not upload another player’s IGN without their permission. It’d fit much better if Irozuku was a feature film production.

As well as picking up on some smaller things easier. Ayakasih first episode, episode 11 much gnashing of teeth about vulture subbing etc resultedwas released in October. The entire flashback is pretty great. Kaiser-Eoghan I have place beyond the universe, aico, dennou coil, m3, original boogiepop phantom currently downloaded.

Lenlo The seasonal pins also confuse me Kaiser, so no worries. Tuesday, July 31, at CGR2 and gg went together like fire and gasoline since the entire show was basically a gigantic troll. Animosh Great minds browse alike.


Especially during the heyday of the Return of the Trolls period nothing was sacred, everything could be laughed at and there were no such thing as a secret except where those secrets would incriminate ourselves. Planetes is back in form. One runaway ayakawhi probably ended up being the best thing gg has ever done, namely the gSS release of Gundam 00 S2 ep 20, which had the OP replaced by a version sung by resident group music nerd grunty, the fabulousest hg the world has ever seen, an absolutely ridiculous logo replacement Ayakahi really outdid himself with AFX ayakashii and half of Rizon credited in one way or another in the OP.

Satsuriku no tenshi 9. Whoa… that was just incredible… I expected the last episode to be of the same scale of the second one, but the way it turned out, I never saw coming. Especially Veko and Wazukyan.

Star Crossed Anime Blog

Amagi Really like the characters too. There is still the arc about MC’s first crush to be done. I hope it will make directors understand that the audience isn’t as stupid as they believe them to be and that they actually try more stories that show and hint instead of blatantly tell most anime even repeat the same relevant information more than once.

No registered users and 0 guests. I liked many parts of B for example, but the fantasy sideplot dragged everything down. Still fun to watch.