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Seite 1 von 1. Gigaset isdn automatic tone dailling. file://F:\docs\ English\DP\Bedienprozeduren\ with display key. Seite 1 von 3. Gigaset comfort register isdn. file://F:\docs\English\DP\Bedienprozeduren\anmelden_isdn_gc. with display key. Seite 1 von 3. Gigaset classic register isdn. file://F:\docs\English\DP\Bedienprozeduren\anmelden_isdn_gs.

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This menu item is highlighted if a hot key number is alrea- dy set up. Page 86 AGB ISDN glossary Park You park a call when you move a telephone gigsset a call or if you want to continue your call at another phone on the same line.

MSN when external calls are received, see page You will then be prompted to enter the prefix numbers Line type for external calls see page Using emergency numbers The emergency number is pre-programmed at the giyaset station telephone.

If no limit is entered in a limit field, then the costs are simply added up.

Wait for the confirmation tone. The subscriber has full telephone ac- cess. Enquiry Call To Internal Subscriber Setting Up Short Cuts Setting Jsdn Short Cuts Copying Individual Short Cuts See also hands-free talking. AM PIN set type 71 deactivating time stamp Call number improving quality adding a call number to the telephone number of rings directory 28 open listening allocation to a function key 72 picking up calls Copying The Telephone Directory Abbreviation for Personal Identification Number.


Remote Operation Activating the AM remotely If you have forgotten to activate your answering machine you can do so remotely.


Setting The Handset Volume Entering A Provider Access levels The various subscribers on your base station telephone can be allocated dif- ferent access levels. This makes it possible to check the costs accrued by each PIN user.

External Callback When Busy You can also operate the answering machine remotely from the handset and from any telephone equipped with an AF transmitter.

This is used to link a number to another call number, for example as gigaet prefix; you can still change the call number.

Pick up the call. Getting Started Do not 3053 the base station telephone in wet areas such as bathrooms or showers. Call up the AM menu. The telephone is in input mode, i.

Siemens Gigaset 3035 Manuals

Operating principle The letters allocated to the keys appear on the keys. Setting The Ringer Melody This enables other people in the room to listen in or contribute to the conversation. The phone is in standby. Registering The Classic Handset Select, confirm and replace the handset after receiving confirmation from the exchange. Just follow the idsn and symbols on the dis- play.


Setting The Display Contrast Enter the name and prefix max. Index AM PIN set type 71 deactivating time stamp Call number improving quality adding a call number to the telephone number of rings directory 28 open listening allocation to a function key 72 picking up gigadet Don’t have an account?

Siemens Gigaset ISDN ISDN Telephone with Answering Machine 32 | eBay

Playback of all messges 30035. Deleting Menu Items Activating The Am Lock Activating hands-free dialling When this function is activated, the pressing of a digit key immediately causes a line to be seized and this number to be dialled without lifting the handset. Setting Tones Only Preparing The Base Station Telephone Setting The Number Of Rings Isdh Pause Lengths Activating Display Illumination Using Automatic Time Control Individual Telephone Settings Security Activating the base lock You can lock your base station telephone and all registered ixdn to prevent outgoinsg calls.

Time-controlled Activation Of The Answering Deleting The Calls List Hotline In the event of a malfunction, please contact the dealer. Muting The Microphone The call number is displayed.

Setting With Call Forwarding