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Proclaimed “girl-pervert” Oriana Small, AKA Ashley Blue, a veritable artist at heart , weaves through the intricacies of a decade in and out of the adult film industry. Excerpt from Girlvert .. Deeply Honored if when you get you would comment on my Face book art Photos and just let me know what you think i. What began as a lark%E2%80%93some modeling for easy money%E2%80% 93turned into a decade-long career in adult films. Lest readers.

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A lot of it is girlvrrt to produce a product to sell, but there is also an art to it as well. I just licked away at the butthole.

Anyways, I saw one of your Girlvert videos and though it was a bit too much for me, but one of them made me laugh out loud girlvdrt set up part about the 2 dollar wine. There is a hard earned wisdom that shines through in this book. He was English and handsome.

But Enough About Me.

That was where I drew the line. It was like a butter churn. Hook feel bad for her childhood but have no sympathy for her once she entered the world of porn. My mom is half Chinese and has almost no wrinkles. Porn is like a mirror of the reality we live in. I feel b Man, was this dark and depressing.


Excerpt from Girlvert |

You can also girlveft out her blog. Even your grandmother has watched an interracial bukkake or two. I erroneously thought that this book was a more feminist take on the porn industry.

Her book is refreshing in comparison to a powerhouse like Jenna Jameson’s autobiography, or the sometimes eye-rolling inducing thinkpieces that the new porn sta I’ve been putting off reviewing this book for months.

Girlvert : A Porno Memoir

What the hell does that say about humanity? It was just another porn-warehouse urban legend. In other chapters, she goes into brutally honest detail about the state of STD’s and cleanliness in the porn industry, as well as how close she was to being a victim of the AIDS breakout in Her eyes wide, her mouth agape—she sets her needlepoint down. It was better to deep throat than to suck because of the foreskin.

Dec 25, R. Deep Thoughts From a Hollywood Blonde. This book is a raw, honest account of Oriana’s ups and downs in porn. No way I was going to swallow it.

Girlvert: A Porno Memoir

Kicking drugs and alcohol is difficult. Apr bpok, Philip Hollenback rated it really liked it Shelves: She thought for a moment it was Patch Adams and was preparing to endorse your selection wholeheartedly.

An girlvsrt Christmas gift. There were several lights, called Kino Flos, set up near a couch. She makes all the hallmark mistakes of a young writer redundancy, passive voice, overwrought metaphorsin addition to dropping some truly bad sentences:.


I watched the peehole until the pee stream appeared.

Words are just words. I almost wrote “painfully honest” but that would be incorrect. And we understand why these two need each other. Description Proclaimed “girl-pervert” Oriana Small, AKA Ashley Blue, a veritable artist at heart, weaves through the intricacies of a decade in and out of the adult film industry, love, drugs, and her own firebrand of what it means to live ecstatically.

It was honest in a remarkable I was really surprised by this book.

Some nearly do, they want to see her choke, to be punished: He could make it work—he could make you feel happy about foreskin. To ask other readers questions about Girlvertplease sign up. And it really left me questioning the nature girlveft free will in all of this.

I took the piss into my open mouth with a smile. A Porno Memoir is not well-written.

Girlvert: A Porno Memoir by Oriana Small

I got another scene request from a director at Anabolic. And yet as you read it, you realise how much this young woman has been raped and abused and forced into things. I’m not usually a memoir kinda guy, but this one is an exception. Pornography, in other words, has saturated our culture.