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Good Muslim, Bad Muslim: A Political Perspective on Culture and Terrorism. Mahmood Mamdani. Department of Anthropology and. U. MAHMOOD MAMDANI. Good Muslim, Bad Muslim: A Political Pers on Culture and Terrorism. ABSTRACT The link between Islam and terrorism became a. Mahmood Mamdani’s Good Muslim, Bad Muslim: America, the Cold. War and the Roots of Terror is a book about historical memory and politics. Mamdani hopes.

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After all, we are now told to distinguish between good Muslims and bad Muslims.

I remain deeply skeptical that we can read people’s political behavior from their religion, or from their culture. Could it be that a person who takes his or her religion literally is a potential terrorist?

Terrorism is not a cultural residue in modern politics. The terrorists of September 11, we are told, did not just hijack planes; it is said that they also hijacked Islam, meaning genuine Islam! I returned from Durban to listen to Condoleeza Rice talk muskim the need to forget slavery because, she said, the pursuit of civilized life requires that we forget the past.

When I read of Islam in the papers these days, I often feel I am reading of museumized peoples. How, one may ask, does the literal reading of religious texts translate into hijacking, murder, and terrorism?

Mahmood Mamdani: Good Muslim, Bad Muslim — An African Perspective

This was not a backwater family steeped in pre-modernity, but a cosmopolitan family. After the Cold War and right up to September 10 of this year, the US and Britain compelled African countries to reconcile with terrorist movements.


But is it really true that people’s public behavior, specifically their political behavior, can be read from their religion?

Both have a sense of mission to civilize the world. Take abd example of Islam, and the notion of Jihadwhich roughly translated means struggle. But now the CIA was determined to create one.

It is my own construction, but it is not a fabrication. This is why prosperity, and not adversity, is the real litmus test of how we define community. Or, the same thing, that an Orthodox Jew is a potential terrorist and only a Goor Jew is capable of being tolerant of those who do not share his convictions?

Transcript: Mahmood Mamdani on Good Muslim, Bad Muslim | Jul 03, 2006

This partnership bolstered a number of terrorist movements: It was not the US which faced physical and mamdqni destruction at the end of the war.

We must also memorialize, particularly monumental crimes. To understand the question of who bears responsibility for the present situation, it will help to contrast two situations, that after the Second World War and that after the Cold War, and compare how the question of responsibility was understood and addressed in two different contexts.

It seems just to have petrified into a lifeless custom. The Nixon Doctrine had been forged towards the closing years of the Vietnam War but could namdani be implemented at that late stage – the doctrine that “Asian boys must fight Asian wars” – was really put into practice in Southern Africa.

Contemporary “fundamentalism” is a modern project, not a traditional leftover. As different factions fought over the liberated country – the Northern Alliance against the Taliban – they shelled and destroyed their own cities with artillery.


But civilization cannot be built on just forgetting.

I want to suggest that we turn the cultural theory of politics on its head. By persuasion or force? Does culture stand for creativity, for what being human is all about, in one part of the world? The new thing was that these terrorist movements specifically targeted civilians.

mamfani The Bin Laden family is a patron of scholarship. It endows programs at universities like Harvard and Yale. By including those previously excluded, we give those previously alienated a stake in things.

Good Muslim, Bad Muslim: America, the Cold War, and the Roots of Terror

It could not find a Prince. Think, for example, of the Arabic word al-Jahaliyawhich I have always known to mean the domain of ignorance. Thereby, it hoped to contain the influence of the Iranian Revolution as a minority Shia affair.

In Europe, its urgency was underlined by the changing political situation in Yugoslavia, Albania, and particularly, Greece. It is the recognition that the good life cannot be lived in isolation. Muslkm in Mozambique, and Unita in Angola.

In Southern Africa, the immediate result was a partnership between the US and apartheid South Africa, accused by the UN of perpetrating “a crime against humanity. Should it be held responsible for cultivating terrorist movements in Southern Africa and Central America?