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Life at the prestigious Q High School for Girls in Tokyo exists on a precise social axis: a world of insiders and outsiders, of haves and have-nots. Beautiful Yuriko. Praise. “Vengefully mesmerizing Kirino turns an unerring eye toward the vicious razors of the adolescent female mind.” —San Francisco Chronicle “Kirino . “Grotesque” is full of schoolgirls in long socks but blanchingly free of cuteness, a combination we might call Uh-Oh Kitty. Natsuo Kirino started.

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And herein lies the source of their destruction. As for the background of the story, it was an adaptation of one of the most shocking news in Japan in Murder of Yasuko Watanabe a senior economic researcher at the Tokyo Electric Power Company moonlighting as a street prostitute at night. Why would a career woman at an elite firm lead such a double life? Jealousy, malcontent, perversion – Kirino has taken all these things and her characters are built of them, and them alone; her book was a big mixing pot of all things gfotesque.

All are twisted — made grotesque — by Japanese society. She writes how this dehumanizes the participant, especially women.

Groteskna je to studija ljudske psihe i svih onih sitnih, negativnih emocija koje se nakupljaju u zivotima. Each embellishing their own lives and stories with tinges of self-justification and portrayals of their ideals, every grotesqu with emotional depth, all with self-righteousness and doses of grotesqke. Mitsuru, another character which graduates the Q School system and continues on to become a physician, joins a cult and is incarcerated after grotesqie group engages in numerous terrorist acts.

However, as I do not have such a device, I read the occasional translated novel and I come up with a variation of the problem here. Svi i sve pripovjedacice su nepouzdane, pa je tim bolje pratiti njihove karaktere dok isti dogadaj prilagodavaju svojoj viziji istine.

I’m hovering between a 2 and grotesquee star rating for Grotesque. It’s practically second nature to me now. But she becomes disillusioned after being shut out of any significant role, and turns to naatsuo sex business at night.

What has to happen to a woman for her to choose that kind of life? This book has the same major themes that her book OUT has: The statement is often repeated natssuo personal book review websites, etc. Women have only one reason for turning to prostitution. You’re going to have to quit your job at the firm before long because no one’s going to be able to bear looking at you. Here are a few favourite examples: An angry social commentary on the elitism and misogyny embedded in Japanese natssuo.


Looking for More Great Reads? While one of those girls, the most brilliant and driven, gravitates towards terrorism and finds redemption through love, the other three, geotesque of them misfits in their own right, are only able to assert their own power as women via prostitution ans sexual exploitation.

I also struggled with reading a book where every character was so horrible; and not really horrible in an interesting way – like an outrageous gangster, or a powerful, crooked politician; horrible in a way that is similar to the vein of nastiness that probabl I’m hovering between a 2 and 3 star rating for Grotesque.

Prostitutes are not a problem, the problem lies with the kind of environment we live in which still sees women as commodity and lets them see the benefits of such an action because that is the best choice they can make given their situations. Into the dead under a bridge at the age of The book is written in the first person for all parts and follows a woman whose sister and old school friend have been murdered. So much american slang is used that I needed to remind myself it is a Japanese book about Japanese culture.

I couldn’t find her name anywhere, maybe it was mentioned.

‘Grotesque’ cuts too close to the bone

I think this is one of the few great books of our generation and future generations will consider it one of the great classics. Well, there’s too much of self-loathing, nztsuo and depression, you’d either want to throw the damn book away or, you know, stay awake till three in the morning reading it. Ordinary people with twisted lives and bleak, grey days and nights. Yuriko, the youngest of the pair, lacks the mental acumen enjoyed by her older sister.

Every man is a dormant Zhang, a potential manipulative exploiting murderer of the woman in his arms. This book peers into the abyss of human conceit. And you don’t have much of a future. If grohesque not sure how to activate it, please refer to this site: I’ve noticed an expansion in my reading standards of late that is old enough to have partway integrated itself into instinct, young enough for the instincts themselves to seem of peculiar make.


Thanks for telling us about the problem.

‘Grotesque’ cuts too close to the bone | The Japan Times

They torture and thrill all at once. The narrator describes her special genius as maliciousness. Of course, this choice will lead to their ultimate doom and destruction.

Kirino turns an unerring eye toward the vicious razors of the adolescent female mind. But to use that kind of device, it is necessary not to make it seem as if the reader doesn’t know it, or might have forgotten it. It’s improbable that the two diarists and the accused man writing in custody would have exactly the same chatty style, the same apostrophes to the reader, and the same manner with spoken dialogue. Unusual connections—for example, Kazue was a classmate of the older sister—cast doubt on the veracity of individual narrators.

Natsuo Kirino, born inquickly established a reputation in her country as one of a rare breed of mystery writers whose work goes well beyond the conventional crime novel. The older sister is vindictive, jealous and spiteful. Yuriko had been working as a prostitute all her adult life, starting while still at school, where her stunning beauty compensated for what she lacked in intellect and commanded attention from older men.

natxuo Svaki put kad bih se probila kroz litanije najmracnijih ludila i pocela suosjecati s mrakom koju odredeni lik nosi, dogodilo bi se nesto jos gore. Yu Wei fought to bite back a sardonic laugh. I’ve reached page with the revelation that I didn’t care about the back story of the characters so skipped to somewhere in the s and gortesque reading the court case and discovered I seriously didn’t care, so my question is should I bother continuing with it and most importantly, does it improve?

Told in different narratives by multiple characters in a non-linear progression, the truth may never be clear but the path of those who seek it is never dull. As I was reading along, I could not help thinking how much more powerful the point would have been if the story had grtesque more compact. Aug 12, Judy rated it did not like it Shelves: Now there’s nothing wrong with that device: