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HAZID WORKSHEET. Project: ANOA PHASE 4 – AGX COMPRESSION RECONFIGURATION PROJECT Node Description: DLB Activities in the vicinity and. As a result of the HAZID, 80 identified hazards in total were .. the workshop were also recorded relevantly in the HAZID worksheet by an. The HAZID study achieved its aim of identifying the nature and scale of hazards that Attachments: Power Plant Risk Register Spreadsheet.

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Feedjit Live Blog Stats. In the case of seismic engineering, one approach which has been adopted has been to show that the response worksjeet the plant remains worisheet elastic up to a significant margin beyond the design basis.

To resolve, click “Enable Content”. For natural hazards such a seismic the design basis event should be that which conservatively has a predicted return frequency not exceeding per year often, though not strictly accurately termed as the once in 10, year event.

HAZID – HAzard IDentification Studies

When relating to external and internal hazard assessment, a judgment ahzid the frequencies at which hazard ahzid should be determined, in terms of Reactor Plant, guidance for this can be found in the HSE NII Safety Assessment Principals paper or SAPs and allow for plants that cannot give rise to large radiation doses to be designed against less onerous events. The estimated aircraft crash frequency may seek to take into account any flying restrictions which may apply to the site.

It has also been demonstrated in numerous earthquakes that structural ductility is very desirable. Extreme ambient temperatures The extreme ambient temperature hazard is ameliorated by the slow development of extreme conditions and the relatively long timescales for the plant to respond. The risk matrices sheet allows you to configure risk matrices, which determine worosheet hazard potentials.

Doing HAZID in Excel

In the matrix, an hazard potential rating is assigned to each of the combinations of frequency and severity. These SAPs therefore require a level of interpretation by the assessor and make it clear that all relevant external hazards should be considered when determining the design basis events for both probabilistic and deterministic safety cases and provide the numerical targets for assessing whether the risk from external hazards is tolerable and ALARP.

The risk matrices sheet is shown below: The Licensee will also need to demonstrate that there will not be a disproportionate increase in risk from an appropriate range of events which are more severe than the design basis event. External man-made sources include radar and communication systems. The design basis analysis principles and the PSA principles should be satisfied, as appropriate, taking into account the direct impact of the aircraft on the structures, systems and components important to safety, secondary missiles, vibration effects and the effects of aircraft fuel burning externally to the buildings or other structures, or entering the buildings or structures.


Storm surge can be additive or subtractive, and must be combined with the highest and lowest astronomical tides and with barometric effects. Here the Licensee should consider the withstand to shock loading, the possible impactors to the system from the facility, determining the largest single mass object from its potential drop height in free fall without structural interaction, or make a case for the probable but bounding collapse dynamics of the facility which can in some cases include structural interaction.

Extreme wind Licensees, any particular application should be assessed to ensure that there are no plant specific, i. Single failure criterion Safety systems required in response to any annual probability of exceedance external hazard should comply with the hazd failure criterion. Each area of the installation is considered against a checklist of hazards.

If you want your ex-girlfriend or ex-boyfriend to come crawling back to you on their knees no matter why you broke up you need to watch this video right away Because of this, you have to unblock this functionality the first time you open the file in Excel. A clear understanding of all the possible event chains leading to the most critical accident scenarios is needed to mitigate for example, the complexity of any plant and its operation, which nevertheless exposes it to any number of accident scenarios from interrelated systems which could provoke failure or domino effect from other systems, components or structures located within the proximity effecting the safe operation of the plant.

This is generally known as the cliff edge effect.

As with the extreme temperature hazard it may be reasonable for the operational response to recognise some warning of extreme flooding, provided the necessary response measures can be initiated with sufficient margin.

The hazard determination should therefore carefully examine the statistical dependencies in combining waves with still sea water levels.

Typical hazards, which may arise from industrial hqzid, may be from stored gas, fuel, explosives, pressure vessels or turbine disintegration.

You can now drag elements from the scrap book onto your BowTie diagram. Ductility is increasingly being required by nuclear and workshwet structural seismic design standards even where the structure is designed to remain elastic under the design earthquake loads. Share information about chemical engineering knowledge. Below you see a BowTie diagram, which was dragged in from the scrap book.

The way in which this principle is satisfied may depend on the nature of the hazard being addressed. Licensees should be expected to take the latest available predictions over the projected life of the facility, which may need to include the decommissioning phase of the installation in the submissions. For example in the case of sea flooding, extreme wind not only affects wave heights but can also elevate still sea levels through storm surge.


The possible effects on safety related equipment from a nearby impact may need consideration. This file originated from an Internet location and might be unsafe.

For a small proportion of nuclear safety related structures – those with modal frequencies of around 1 Hz or less – it may be necessary eorksheet consider long period ground motion arising from a large magnitude distant event. Haziid systems required in response to any annual probability of exceedance external hazard should comply with the single failure haid. It may, however, be possible to exclude some or all classes of aircraft on the grounds of low probability eg well below per annum of impact, thus obviating the need for structural design against impact or fuel fire.

The hazard sheets contains four risk matrices: There may be more than one way in which this can be achieved. The external hazards safety case should consider all potential sources of external missiles and explosion.

Design basis hazard level Worksyeet relating to external and internal hazard assessment, a judgment on the frequencies at which hazard levels should be determined, in terms of Reactor Plant, guidance for this can be found in the HSE NII Safety Assessment Hzid paper or SAPs and allow for plants that cannot give rise to large radiation doses to be designed against less onerous wroksheet.

In assessing safety systems claimed to mitigate the effects of external hazards, workshet assessor should have due regard to Reliability, redundancy, diversity and segregation. External hazards may particularly give rise worksheeet common mode or common cause failures. For each of the risk matrices, the frequency indicates how often the top events lead to the consequences in this category.

You may see the following warnings: Each of the categories has a severity and a frequency. For aircraft crash structural demand depends on the mass, rigidity, velocity and engine location of any aircraft assumed to impact directly or skid onto the structure, and also the angle of incidence of the impact direct or skidding.

It can be assumed that there will be at least several hours notice of extreme conditions developing, and often several days. Liaison concerning flying restrictions around nuclear licensed sites is handled by NSD’s Strategy Unit. For these reasons, aircraft are often grouped into a small number of types – eg large commercial aircraft, light aircraft and military aircraft – to facilitate the analysis.