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Results 1 – 36 HYSYS Upstream Guide – Free ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) In this Tutorial, two black oil streams at different conditions and. Dear all The Hysys Upstream pdf file in the installed folder doesn’t seem perfect, who has a complete or additional manual for this module? Thanks in advanced. Hi, just wondering if anyone knows where I can get the HYSYS Upstream option? Software Tutorial ยท Process Simulation Community; HYSYS Upstream option.

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At the wellhead, the full compositional breakdown of a fluid is not known, but phase-specific flows and density data are readily available. Make sure that the process-test. As a general rule, where connections are made with the possibility of flow closure or abrupt change, the device which causes the abrupt change should be placed at the immediate bound of the two linked models with no holdup or a very large holdup with sufficient material capacitance thereafter.

HYSYS Upstream Option Guide |

Click the Clone button. You cannot remove the individual components from the outlet component list. Wednesday, January 30, By default, the property view has a single tab. Based on the ProFES software engine?

From the list of available unit operations, select Lumper. Remember the conditions given at these locations. The Notes and Descriptions for Hypothetical Group property view appears.


Users are upsgream responsible for the proper use of the software and the application of the results obtained. The former is used when a flow specification is made to the OLGA model and the latter is used when a pressure specification is made at the OLGA boundary. Composition To enter a mixture composition click on the Compositions button. Analyze critical issues tackled by flow assurance simulationsuch as formation of hydrates, rate of corrosion, wax deposition, and the potential for physical erosion within the production pipeline networks.

Close the Outlet stream property view.

In addition you have the option to select a viscosity model for the fluid sample, and edit the standard condition and the criteria PVT Pro Package for Pseudo-Ternaries as desired.

If gas composition information is not available, you can provide only the specific gas gravity on the Conditions page to define the black oil stream.

Instead, the model uses the assumption of fixed total composition. In cases where two liquid phases in addition to water are unlikely performance can be improved by clearing the Liquid2 checkbox. Add the components methane, ethane, propane, i-butane, n-butane, i-pentane, n-pentane, n-hexane, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, and hydrogen sulphide.

Click on the Fluid Pkgs tab.

Aspen Technology

Select button Lets you find and select the original GAP model file. This technique is used to map petroleum and process thermodynamic properties together. You can also attach information tables or annotations to the PFD. The Gas Oil Ratio will be automatically calculated if the volumetric flows of the gas, oil, and water phases are known.


Next you will assign a product stream. On the Engine Setup tab, click Add Uppstream.

Click the Transition tab. For simple vapour-liquid equilibrium calculations any flash method should be reliable. The selected inlet components will be highlighted. The water content in the Black Oil stream can be expressed in two ways: Button Upsrream Clear Resets all mapping factors to zero for the selected row. Click the Add button for each new control connection you would like to add.

HYSYS Upstream Option Guide

When your plot opens you will see a plot of pressure vs. To add an Aspen Hydraulics to your simulation: You can select any number of inlet components to keep as individual components in the outlet component list. For Feed 2, specify the Specs page as shown: The Trend Interval allows you to specify some lower frequency other than every time step to retrieve the trend data from OLGA.

On the Connections page, open the Inlet drop-down list by clicking the Down Arrow icon.