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The theme of Kanthapura is the unification of different Indian castes under a Gandhian system of social justice during the fight against British rule of India. At the. Raja Rao’s first novel Kanthapura () is the story of a village in south India named Kanthapura. The novel is narrated in the form of a. This is the story of how Mahatma Gandhi’s struggle for independence from the British came to a typical village, Kanthapura, in South India. This edition includes .

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A few people in the village declare their loyalty to Gandhi’s Congress movement, and over the course of the novel most of them join. Reena Kapoor 8 December at The British government accuses Moorthy of provoking the townspeople to inflict violence and arrests him. He begins living a Gandhian lifestyle, wearing home-spun khaddar and discarded foreign clothes and speaking out against the caste system. Byy is about nationalism and self-determination of peoples rather than a fair wage.

Despite that, the themes and development are similar, and if you appreciate one, you’ll appreciate the others.

The story unfolds with brutal awareness that non-violent techniques will result in horrific confrontations with those in power. Menurut prembule, buku ini ditulis menggunakan bahasa Inggris yg cukup sederhana, dan kata sambungnya hanya menggunakan “DAN”.

English is a natural medium for Indians to express their imaginations to each other, and not simply to readers in the West. Kanthapura is the ethralling story of how Mahatma Gandhi’s struggle for independence from the British becomes a palpable reality in a tiny and secluded village, Kanthapura, in South India. RaghavanMahadevi Varma His first novel, Kanthapuradeals with the Indian independence movement. I was tempted to say ‘enjoy’, but I think that would be kanthapuea of line given the subject matter.


Though Rao does not go in a detail study of the characters but he mentions all the characters in the novel in a systematic manner. Mar 14, Victoria victoriashaz rated it did not like it. Posthumous conferral — — — — — — — The story is the common story of a rural village undergoing political change.

Taking the responsibility of the violent actions happened at the estate; Moorthy went on a ral day long fasting and came rsja victorious and morally elated.

A must read atleast for all Indians. The triumvirate—which included Kanthapuura Narayan and Mulk Raj Rxo all born in the first decade of the twentieth century, and expired softly about a hundred years later. Raghavan Dukhan Ram T. Though he succeeded in following Gandhian non violence principle, the incident made him sad and unhappy. Feb 22, Inrisrini rated it liked it.

Merdeka dari para tuan tanah yg sewenang-wenang, merdeka dari para polisi korup dan terutama merdeka dari pemeri Buku ini sebenarnya mengangkat tema yg menarik.

Better than other books by Raja Rao that I have read. I read this book because it was prescribed in my syllabus. Hari-Kathas are stories of Hari God. This turned the village priest, a Brahmin, against him who complained to the swami who was a supporter of foreign government and Moorthy was ex-communicated. Shantaram Shivkumar Sharma Umayalpuram K. Terrific story of how independence struggle caught up in a sleepy Karnataka Village.

Provat Ragon 13 August at Tapi tidak ada perjuangan tanpa perlawanan. Here the community is the protagonist. Dan uniknya lagi, buku ini ditulis menggunakan sudut pandang seorang wanita tua dari desa tersebut. Pavate Datto Vaman Potdar B.

I have corrected it. May 23, Gaurav Garg rated it liked it. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. But given that the narrator is an old woman, it fits.


readings: Free English Literature Notes: Summary of the novel Kanthapura by Raja Rao

When I was trying to summarise it, I did not think that it was very important. Kohli Ramanathan Krishnan C. Dear friend, I haven’t copied anything from anywhere to write the post and Wikipedia doesn’t provide a summary of the novel. Rao returned to the theme of Gandhism in the short story collection The Cow of the Barricades GathaEditor Onlinegatha 13 February at Thank you so much for helping students like me in the eleventh hour.

If you are familiar with rural India then you too will acknowledge the striking similarity in the language. May 12, Himmilicious Himmilicious rated it it was amazing. Terlebih Moorthy yang berkasta Kanthapurq hanya akan merusuhi kehidupan teratur dalam sistem perkastaan. Read it for its prose, read it for its politics, read it as a history lesson, read it as a nice change from yet another boring writer-dude from NYC, read it as an important canonical work, read it for the pleasure of it, read it as a lesson in violence, read it to see bt small corner of the world, read it because you will be cooking paneer dal of some kind tonight.

A Life of Mahatma Gandhi.


Terlebih ini penulis baru yang saya tidak ada preferensi sebelumnya. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Heartbroken to hear b, Moorthy’s mother Narasamma dies. This causes the village priest to turn against Moorthy and excommunicate him.