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Possibility may have varying degrees (Budai ), such as hypothetical solutions (It can be .. Budai, László. Élő angol nyelvtan. Săndulescu– Lidia Vianu (eds), Gramatica limbii engleze [English Grammar], vol. 4, – Budai, László. Gramatica engleză. Teorie şi exerciţii. Bucureşti: Teora. Chiţoran, D., Panovf, I., Poenaru, I. English Grammar. Exercises. Bucureşti. (curs practic de limba engleză pentru învăţământul la distanţă). Anul II În ceea ce priveşte întrebările în limba engleză, Budai, László, Gramatica engleză.

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The other important domestic activity of the government, taxation, also changed considerably during the medieval period. In the south the Slavs assimilated the native population, completely altering the ethnic character of one of the most Romanized provinces in the empire. The woman recognized the driver — The driver was rngleza by the woman. Some settlements are well fortified and framatica evidence of a large population that engaged in ag riculture and animal husbandry and traded extensively with the Bul garians.

Dacia was a highly urban province. One such find was at Bratei near modern MediasJ, where the largest known Dacian cemetery has been excavated. Can you see the car over there?

I am forward looking to meeting you. There seemed to be no escape. John smeared some paint on the wall. The committee is made up of twenty people.

There had been rain the night before J. Her englzea was close to the window pane. The immediate result for trade was the gradual establishment, starting inof an Ottoman monopoly over foreign commerce in the envleza. Mol davia and Wallachia followed this lead quite a bit later: The teacher was loved by his students. Each lexical item is associated with a feature specifying the structure of a minimal phrase containing that lexical item.

Nevertheless, independence remained their primary goal, and they plotted against the Turks, informed Austria and Russia of Ottoman plans, movements, and military strength, and promised the backing of their troops in case of conflict. Drago was succeeded by his son Sas, who was followed by his son Bale, so that the line of Dragos, seemed to have established a dy nasty. Syntax is that branch of linguistics which describes the relation between words and their correct arrangement in units of expression apt to reflect logical units and patterns.


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They showed me the picture. Burebista’s extensive kingdom did not survive him.

Three voivodates were es tablished in the future Wallachia inin accordance with the Di ploma granted the Knights Hospitalers by Bela IV. They are subclassified into: There are four main types of independent sentences: My dreams have come true. As in Poland, this struggle was detrimental to the country, weakening it at a time of international crises.

Of the divinities worshiped, Exercises and Evaluation Tests]. The Romani zation of Dacia and the birth of a Daco-Roman people can, I think, be considered the first stage in the long process of the formation of the Romanian people, but this stage did not end in The teacher, together with the pupils is expected today. Although Hungary and Poland formed an indispensable last resort in the anti-Ottoman fight, Romanians were as well aware of their Christian neighbors’ designs on their territory as they were of the Ot tomans’.

The Romainians- A History The Romanians- A History

It was late when I arrived, it was midnight. This first item graamtica a VP is called the operator since it is the key word in six important operations performed in the VP: Later it was expressed not only by strong and actively anti-Ottoman princes like Mircea the Old, Ste phen the Great, and Radu de la Afumafi, but also in the letters of some more cautious voivodes who feared open conflict with the Turks, for example, Alexandru Aldea, Basarab the Old, Radu the Great, and Ebgleza goe Basarab.


A list of Moldavian cities drawn up in Kiev between and mentions 14 urban centers. Moldavia and Wallachia became principalities in the fourteenth century by rebelling against their suzerain, the king of Hungary. In the early fifteenth century the exaction of tribute birlaslo which boyars and clergy were exempt, augmented the monies received.

The scope of the negative particle normally extends from the negative particle itself to the end of the sentence.

Practical English Usage 3rd ed. The National Legionary State. To take care of the children, to do the shopping, and cook the meals is exhausting.

The boy was smiling. The function of the verb phrase. From Crafts to Large Industry. Referring to the events ofKynnamos writes unequivocally that the Vlachs in this case, those living north of the Danube “are settlers who came from Italy long ago. In its weakened state it invited foreign intervention, which eventually overthrew both prince and boyars.

The weather still continues fine O. A book on the history of the Romanians published in the s but making no mention of these events would certainly disappoint the interested general reader, to whom Georgescu’s volume is in large part addressed. This rule is applied to countable nouns which are variable in form, having both a sg. You have no excuse whatever. Besides Sarmizegethusa, archaeo logical research and other sources reveal the flourishing urban life of Napoca Cluj ; Drobeta Turnu Severin ; Potaissa Turdapost of the fifth Macedonian legion; and Apulum Alba Iuliapost of the thir teenth Gemina legion and seat of the governor of Dacia.

The verb give allows the omission of the preposition to I gave it to her — I gave it here.