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Latro in the Mist is an omnibus of two books Soldier of the Mist () and Soldier of Arete (); a chunky page (with another 16 pages. In his foreword to Latro in the Mist, which pairs Gene Wolfe’s acclaimed historical fantasies Soldier of the Mist () and Soldier of Arete. LATRO IN THE MIST is the omnibus edition containing two of Gene Wolfe’s historical fantasies set in ancient Greece: Soldier of the Mist and Soldier of Arete.

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In some cases, Latro was certainly mistaken. The other effect is that Latro finds ,ist he is able to see the gods, mythical creatures and the spirits of the dead. I love his books, and his last trilogy was amazing. Reading this book was a lot of fun.

Long Latro in the Mist essay : genewolfe

It makes for challenging reading when you least expect it and if he wasn’t so good at what he did, most people would probably toss his books away in frustration. You might cry at a few points. I’ve got to read this.

See the other authors section. In summary, I very much enjoyed this book. It’s frustrating because Hamilton creates incredible imaginative worlds that I want to spend […].

To make things interesting and to keep the people who like a little bit of actual fantasy in their fantasy, Latro also has gained the ability to see the various gods and demigods that populate the landscape and seem to manipulate everyone based on sheer whim. Latro’s thoughts were mixt too calm, too removed, even after he apparently experienced events of extreme trauma.

Wolfe’s nearly trademarked unreliable narrator It took me two tries to read this book, several years apart. So if you are looking for a great visit to the past replete with altro magical realist bent along the likes of Tim Powers, you would really enjoy this book, for these reasons and lxtro unique false archaeological history of the texts “found” and translated by the author. Another superb book from one of the most interesting, fun and formally innovative writers alive.

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Oh, oatro Latro also encounters Gods, Nymphs, and ghosts along his journey This page was last edited on 3 Novemberat This ruined my enjoyment of the book, as I’ve never felt any of Wolfe’s other works to be a chore.

All others need not apply. He owes his love of books to his mother, who would take him to the library when she went shopping every Saturday afternoon.

But Latro in the Mist surprised me. The Silmarillion by J.

Latro in the Mist: Two fantastic novels

Do not post samples of your writing. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. He simply touches on descriptions, and I still have ‘memories’ of ‘being there’. Very few of the gods you know and love have proper names here either and while the book teases you with a glossary, it seems to go out of its way to not define anything you actually want to know. Sometimes I think Gene Wolfe wakes up each morning and sits in front of mis writing device of lator he uses and thinks to himself, “How can I make this as difficult for myself as possible?

The fluid politics of city-states; the life of soldiers, commoners, and aristocrats; and the sense of wonder and amazement in world where mythical creatures and powerful gods are real all paint a world where magic is real and anything can happen. Another problem with the storytelling is that Latro’s point of view is the only way to know anything and yet there seem to be many days where he skips writing.

It is funny, interesting and full of action. Quotes from Latro in the Mist. In my own experience with this book, I had to dedicate myself to reading it every day or risk losing track of who everyone was, where they all were, and what they were doing. In Latro’s chronicles, on the other hand, there is no specific goal, and Lahro basically uses Latro to explore Greece of 2, years ago and its culture which can seem as alien to the modern reader as anything latto a science-fiction work.


My book, Witch Emberwas once criticized for not having a big enough bang at the ending. For The Book of the New Sun, his marvelous short fiction, and the truly masterful Peace, I would argue that Wolfe is one of and probably the foremost living writer of speculative fiction, that is to say, fiction.

The wound to the head robs him of most of his long term memory as well as his short, limiting him to only about twenty-four hours before he forgets.

This is one of the only books in memory that really tries to tackle the ancient Greek world as the ancient Greeks saw it.

Surveys must be approved via modmail before tye posted to the sub. The fierce Spartans being referred to as “Ropemakers” for the whole book was at least moderately amusing.

Latro in the Mist: Soldier of the Mist and Soldier of Arete

Latro in the Mist by Gene Wolfe Other authors: Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Jun 10, John Lawson rated it it was amazing Recommended to John by: Soldier of the Mist and Soldier of Arete.

Now go and read it, then take a break and read it again, because it’s a totally different journey the second time through. And yet the rest of his work I confess to fi Frequent readers Surely there must be some better use of your