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Encuentra Teleny: Novel Attributed to Oscar Wilde de Winston Leyland (ISBN: TELENY (AN EROTICA) (English Edition) y más de libros están. This video may be inappropriate for some users. Sign in to confirm your age. Watch Queue. Queue. Watch QueueQueue. Remove all. Teleny, and its prequel Des Grieux – sometimes attributed to Wilde, and very little known – acquired ‘to disseminate the work as widely as.

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Las tiendas empezaban a cerrar, excepto aquellas dedicadas a la venta de pescado, mejillones y patatas fritas.

I hope this wasn’t Wilde, because I like him better than this book, which is more gloomy than clever. I found this book a little embarrassing to read in public, but once I started, I really couldn’t stop. Both qualities are not what one expects in porn.

Teleny or the Reverse of the Medal

You don’t read this book because you want to check another title off your “I’ve read everything Oscar Libo wrote” list. Teleny era meu amante e eu dele.

It does give some insight into sexual life at the time, with scenes in a cruising area and at a wild hedonistic orgy. I just had to think about what on Earth I just read.

Teleny, Or, The Reverse of the Medal

Although this novel has some imaginative passages I find it difficult to believe that it was entirely written by Oscar Wilde.

Teleny or the Reverse of the Medal by Oscar Wilde. Calling this book pornographic is inaccurate–it is largely a love story, and a ,ibro one at that, that just happens to acknowledge that sex and sexuality is sometimes part of love and romance. View all 5 comments. They even managed to get in a fair amount of transmisogyny without explicitly depicting any women that could be read as trans.

The authorship of the work is unknown. The telney publisher,a Mr Hirsch of London, reported that the manuscript appeared to have been written by “different hands. But it’s got nothing to do with Oscar Wilde’s style. So here I’ve got a porno book from that I can never in good conscience read in public, with two more butts on the cover than any book should have, and a blurb on the back perplexedly stating that “It is a bizarre book, alternating porn with florid purple passages, a hymn to sodomy with an angry attack on notions of the ‘natural.


Nov 19, Joji Grey rated it it was amazing Shelves: The rest went from disturbing to downright disgusting. I had been intrigued to read it before, and this was a good chance to kill two birds, even if it meant I had to read the translated version.

Hirsch recounts three further repetitions of this “identical ceremony” before the package made its way back to Wilde. Jan 25, lavende rated it did not like it. I read some of the original on the side as well but I have to say that this was one of the rare occasions where the narrative actually benefittd from the translation — albeit it made the dialogue a little corny, but I don’t count that because it’s mainly due to cultural differences and oc I read Teleny for my Finnish assignment for controversial literature.

Four stars for covering the bases, i. The first half of Teleny seemed like it had a potential for a good book.

I particularly enjoyed the subtle way in which teoeny and death, the two great constants, were so skillfully entertwined. Paperbackpages. And so off I went to read “Teleny”. Written around by several anonymous writers of uneven ability, the novel claims our attention for two reasons. Its lush and literate, though variable prose style and the relative complexity and depth of character and plot development share as much with the Aesthetic fiction of the period as with its typical pornography.

It does give some insight into sexual life at the time, w A historical curiousity.

In parts it’s a homosexual love tsleny in others it’s low grade Victorian porn. Perhaps a good choice. It concerns an amour fou between a shy businessman and an aesthetic concert pianist. I hear there’s a prequel Ver todas las apps de lectura gratuitas de Kindle. The plot doesn’t develop until the second half. Read this if you like books that paint vivid pictures.


Teleny, or The Reverse of the Medal – Wikipedia

Even fans of rape erotica may not enjoy these scenes. You cared for the relationship, and that is something that is extremely rare in books these days.

The narration comes across as either uneven or unstable because of that which, while interesting for what it says about the narrator’s grief and mental instability, may not have been the intent.

However, for a story, I needed to add a gay character so off to research I went. There’s a smattering of heterosexual sex scenes, including a truly foul account of a youthful visit to a female brothel, with the diseased and ugly prostitutes grotesquely performing obscenities.

Writing Couples, Collaborators, and the Construction of Authorship. She obviously ends up committing suicide, something that Camille quickly forgets about.

Hirsch defied the strict instructions not to open the package while it was in his care, and claims that it was written in several different hands, which lends further support to his supposition that it was authored in “round robin” style by a small group of Wilde’s intimate associates. Rutgers University Press, This is not a creampuff romance.

So that’s good, I think. Refresh and try again. And the guy died of internal bleeding because he couldn’t, obviously, go to a Hospital. Four stars for capturing the essence of love in the Decadent style.